Your point of view: Dunphy

For the editor,

This article by John Dunphy is a first where he does not distort events to blame Republicans. Slavery was established by Southern Democrats for slave labor on cotton plantations. Interestingly, this is about the only product that slavery can produce. It presents a very honest picture of Alton and the surrounding sentiment against slavery and as a portal to the Underground Railroad for runaway slaves. However, the mob violence that tracked down Lovejoy and murdered him to destroy this abolitionist and his printing press illustrates the depth of this conflict. But even more, the wickedness of the supporters of slavery.

Dunphy works by avoiding the obvious: Democrats, not Republicans, controlled the sentiment that prevailed then and today, liberals inexplicably blame Republicans for racism. Today’s Woke preaching to this end is falling more and more on deaf ears because it is obviously a lie. There will always be an element of racism in society. Yet despite everything, we are a better country than the Social Democrats will admit. I think back to incidents that have always led to success. I grew up outside of Upper Alton between Fosterburg with black people who were best friends. They all succeeded in being good fathers. The overwhelming difference was that each family had a father who graduated from high school and even college. The horror we see emanating from the cities of Chicago, NYC, Detroit and others are all controlled by Democrats where liberalism has ignored the white flight caused by poverty, crime and the war on drugs, leaving the unmanageable cities.

That won’t change until we face the reality of today and work to eliminate hate in our political world. It looks very dark to me and I worry so much about my children. Despite the success that President Trump’s administration has given us, he has inexplicably let narcissism get in the way of some of this country’s greatest successes. Its success in business development has spilled over into governance. Trump has surrounded himself with visionary support. However, even now he does not seem to understand that it was not totally him, but his removal of government regulation and tax cuts that reopened our economy. If proof to the contrary is needed, look at what has happened in the year and a half since President Biden. He took the direct opposite approach and things are going to hell.

I see some hope if a successful Republican governor wins the presidential nomination. This must be the turning point in our well-being where disaster is otherwise signaled on our current trajectory.

Ron Jones


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