You won’t believe how “majestic” this township right next to KL is!

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Right next to the hustle and bustle of the KL metropolitan area is a quaint yet contemporary township that will transport residents and visitors to a timeless oasis filled with all the comforts of home.

With an environment inspired by the elegance and luxury of the colonial era of the Straits of Old Malaysia, Eco Majestic is a gated and guarded 1,089 acre township located in the serene suburb of the Semenyih-Kajang belt.

What’s going on majestic about this place anyway?

Well, imagine your own private enclave dotted with verdant parks, secluded gardens, sheltered coves and peaceful lakes…

Eco Majestic’s dreamscapes are perfect for all kinds of activities and lifestyles and are a sanctuary for all kinds of wildlife. The township is also located near a host of popular ecotourism attractions such as Bukit Broga and Sungai Tekala Waterfall. (Credit: EcoWorld)

A place that welcomes you with a royal entrance and picturesque views…

The North Gate of Eco Majestic welcomes residents and visitors with a red carpet experience as they journey through the township. (Credit: EcoWorld)

A neighborhood close to nature, where all it takes is a short drive into the township to grab a bite to eat, run some groceries, or send your kids off to school while you head out to enjoy another day of your own bask in the sun and surrounded by lush vegetation and picturesque landscapes…

The whole township is interwoven with greenery and amenities such as schools, supermarkets, restaurants, shops, offices and more. (Credit: Eco Majestic)

And where it’s super easy to get in and out of the Klang Valley area via a network of roads and highways…

(Credit: Eco Majestic)

The township has a few separate entrances and exits with direct access to the Kajang-Seremban Expressway (LEKAS). You can exit Eco Majestic directly to the LEKAS highway in just 5 minutes.

What you get is the perfect place to call home.

Eco Majestic has 14 residential neighborhoods, each with its own character and design.

(Credit: Eco Majestic)

With the community in mind, each neighborhood is fenced and guarded for safety, and each neighborhood will have its own Central Park that will allow residents to spend quality time outdoors.

(Credit: Eco Majestic)

It is also a self-contained township that is full of essential amenities like the three shopping areas for your modern living comfort.

home is where your The story begins…

For those envisioning life in the modern revival era, Cheerywood’s classic homes are the home to make your dreams come true!

(Credit: Eco Majestic)

These Georgian-inspired patios were built to be flexible and allow homeowners to renovate and add even more space to their abodes, making them perfect for modern telecommuters who are WFH and who need their own private workspace or those who have an extended family so everyone is together in one large living room.

(Credit: Eco Majestic)

Adding more “cheerfulness” to the classic Cherrywood homes is the signature pavilion at the center of a 1.7-acre residents-only park that sits right in the heart of the neighborhood and the English-style linear rear gardens that connect each home. for this supplement “Keluarga Experience of community life in Malaysia.

The most important part of Classic Homes is that there is a 10 foot backyard that you can turn into your favorite space to suit your lifestyle. For example, you can have your own mini garden or barbecue area.

(Credit: Eco Majestic)

But if you’re looking for sleeker, more spacious living, then Stoneridge’s modern and vintage semi-D properties are what you should call home!

(Credit: Eco Majestic)

Inspired by classic colonial white houses and historic estates across the country, these semi-D homes are the perfect blend of old-world glamor and sleek modern design and serve as a private mini-chateau.

Stoneridge Semi-D Homes feature a spacious master bedroom, a dreamy balcony on the upper level, a huge yard, parking porches for your vehicles and more than enough space to host parties and social gatherings you will definitely have here.

All of the first floor bedrooms in Stoneridge’s Semi-D Homes come with their own ensuite bathrooms for added privacy and you can even turn a corner of the house into your own office or private living room.

(Credit: Eco Majestic)

Designed to provide comfort and safety in the midst of nature, Stoneridge Semi-D Homes are surrounded by lush private gardens, large shady trees, beautiful waterscapes and its own large, residents-only Central Park perfect for a life of opulence.

What are you waiting for?

Find your dream home package with Eco Majestic now!

Get in touch with their Eco Majestic sales representative, HEREor click, HEREfor your favorite EcoWorld.

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