Who won the Veto, week 1? (Day 4)

Who won the veto today in the Big Brother 24 lodge? Hopefully today’s competition will help wake up at least a few players! There are a lot of interesting people this season but in general we have to say a lot of people are playing quite conservatively. No one seems quite keen on making waves at the moment, largely to preserve their game in the long run. Part of that is likely due to Daniel being a fairly non-chaotic householder. He is not only to get into trouble afterwards.

If you didn’t know, Daniel named Terrance and Michael last night. From the ceremony, Michael was the target, but there are a number of people who wanted to keep him. Take, for example, his Mamba alliance of himself, Monte, Kyle, Alyssa, Ameerah, and Paloma. Michael is also getting closer to Taylor, which is good since they’re both underdogs.

Michael took part in the Veto today alongside Terrance, Indy, Ameerah, Turner and of course Daniel – so who ended up winning?

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The winner is…

Michael! This competition had a real medieval competition-based feel to it, and Daniel got a big dose of reality here that you can’t predict who’s going to do well in any given competition. This now puts the HoH in a difficult position, since Terrance was only meant to be a pawn. He briefly discussed the possible outcomes, and we think he’s considering going after a strong guy. Doing this, however, is dangerous: it could leave him vulnerable if that person stays. Or, the other guys might feel threatened and pursue him.

As we write this, Brittany is throwing A LOT of people under Daniel’s bus, saying a ton of people are just in it for the glory and not for the game at all.

One thing we know for sure? Daniel’s so-called “easy week” just got a whole lot more complicated. We’ll come back later with some conversations about what’s could end up doing.

What do you think of the first Big Brother 24 Gaining veto power and what does it mean?

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