Where to find every Mokoko Seed in Jeok’s Barrier in Lost Ark

If you want to collect a lot of mokoko seeds quick in lost ark, dungeon mining is a smart move. You’ll find plenty of seeds in relatively small areas, while also completing vital parts of your Adventurer’s Tome and main story quests.

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The continent of Anikka is a great place to start, with four dungeons filled with mokokos. Jeok’s barrier in Melody Forest alone has seven. But you will have to complete the dungeon to find them all. It can be tricky if you miss some, as there are a few places you can’t go back from. So if you want to work methodically, you will find all the locations described below.


Mokoko Seed One – Cart blocking the way

From the entrance, head north and destroy the cart blocking the way. Just after the carriage, on the left side of the pathyou will find the first mokoko prominently displayed.

Mokoko Seeds Two And Three – Defeat Demons

Portal to the next area and head north. As the path turns west, stay on the northern edge as you battle through demons. After defeating 15-20 of them, you will pass a burning crater north of the path. Right after that, on the edge of the cliff, you’ll see the next seed.

Keep moving west and defeat the last of the demons. At the junction where you have the last battle here, go north towards the dead end. Follow it left into the water, and you’ll see a mokoko seed in the grass at the foot of the waterfall.

Mokoko Seeds Four And Five – Hidden Jump Point

Continue following the main quest, past the rock jump point and through the next area. When the quest text becomes ‘Remove the stalagmites blocking the way‘, head west instead of east at the junction. Destroy the stalagmites at the end to reveal a jump point through seeds four and five.

Mokoko Seed Six – The Green Glow

Head east now, following the main quest. You will enter a large area shiny green with a host of monsters. Once defeated, take the small dead-end northern path. At its end, at the edge of the cliff, is another seed.

Mokoko Seed Seven – Defeat Varto

For the final mokoko seed, you need to go to the very end of the dungeon and defeat Varto. Before leaving the dungeon, climb the stone steps that lead to the northwest corner of the last room. Just up the steps, hidden by the rocks, is the seed on the left side.

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