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The world of Dungeons & Dragons actual game shows grow a bit more with Children of Earthean upcoming Demiplane campaign led by veteran Dungeon Master and daredevil and true blood starring Deborah Ann Woll. Described as “a live broadcast 5th fairy tale” and a “fairy tale for adults”, the show will chronicle the adventures of five adventurers who begin as seemingly normal humans.

While other shows advertise their character classes and stats, Children of Earthe intentionally leaves out some background info as another mystery to be uncovered during the campaign itself. Still, even without those details, it’s clear that this group of five is made up of dynamic individuals. While we may not yet know what they’re capable of, there’s still plenty to know about Robin, Fairuza, Neb, Silas, and Maeve.

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Robin Beckett (Hope LaVelle)

Children of Earte Robin

Far from your typical J&D Adventurer Robin Beckett begins the campaign with a wealth of experience under her belt – 80 years, in fact. In her decades of life, Robin has been everything from field nurse to waitress to scuba instructor, and she’s not done yet. Her age hasn’t slowed her down yet, and although she considers herself a “grandmother for hire” always ready to give a hug, advice or freshly baked cookies, she has no interest in being confined. on a lounge chair.

According to Hope LaVelle, Robin is one to face challenges head-on and is more than capable of adapting to new situations. Her drive, knowledge, and general common sense will certainly come in handy as she embarks on an adventure unlike anything she’s seen before.

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Fairuza ArmstrongAlicia Marie

Children of Earte Fairuza

Described by her player, Alicia Marie, as a combination of scooby-doois Velma and The iron Thrones’ Brienne of Tarth, Fairuza Armstrong is both fearless and curious. Fairuza is new to her life as a lawyer and New Yorker and has a lot to prove herself. Although she struggles with her traumatic childhood, she has come a long way from her days in the foster care system and even worked her way into a position at a law firm specializing in family law and child protection. childhood.

Beneath her tough exterior, Fairuza is a person who really feels. Her past has made her fiercely protective of those she loves, and she is prone to throwing herself headlong into situations without really thinking. Marie also said Fairuza’s name comes from the Arabic word for turquoise, which she picked up from her own Arabic heritage.

Carolyn “Neb” Stern (Lauren Urban)

Children of Earte Neb

Unlike many of J&D characters, Neb comes from a happy, healthy home and doesn’t have a tragic story that forces him to go on an adventure. Instead, she’s a restless dreamer just waiting for inspiration to strike as she works in her family’s bakery. Neb is a people person who likes to help her friends and have fun with them, and although she lacks the confidence to make big decisions on her own, she won’t hesitate when she sees someone in power taking advantage of others. .

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Children of Earthe will allow Neb to leave the safety of her home and finally embark on the adventure she’s always dreamed of, something gamer Lauren Urban is excited to explore. With her natural curiosity and tendency to follow others’ lead rather than take matters into her own hands, Neb is sure to be an essential member of the supportive group.

Silas Jordan (Adam Bradford)

Children of Earte Silas

An eternal optimist with a wide range of interests, Silas Jordan is a trickster at heart. Although he can be sarcastic and manipulative at times, Silas tries to use his talent to get what he wants for good, taking on bullies and going out of his way to humiliate those who would take advantage of others. His passion for life and all its wonders is what keeps him going – after all, there’s always a new comic to read, a new restaurant to try and new people to meet.

According to Adam Bradford, Silas relishes all challenges, although he would rather outsmart a situation to overcome it than go head-on. Bradford also noted that his character has the largest collection of action figures (that he knows of) and is a huge fan of basketball player Michael Jordan.

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Maeve Flynn (Jennifer Kretchmer)

Maeve Flynn is the kind of person who is always up for fun. In her mind, life is too short to be taken too seriously, and she despises the kind of pompous, condescending people who try to uphold society’s rules and expectations. Although she knows that she will one day have to take on real adult responsibilities, for now she prefers to go to parties, pull pranks and quietly learn the secrets of the rich and powerful through her work in the mail room.

Unfettered and full of life, Maeve makes a lot of bad and messy choices. Gamer Jennifer Kretchmer says her character exemplifies the post-college experience for many young people, who think they should to be something now. Maeve has a lot to learn about herself and the world, and this upcoming adventure could be just what she needs to do as she rises above her immature and irresponsible tendencies.

Children of Éarte is live Tuesdays at 6 p.m. PT on the Demiplane Twitch Channel. Episode 0 will air on March 8, with regular episodes starting on March 15.

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