What is the rest bonus in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark and games like to keep players on board for a very long time, returning to their favorite MMO every day if possible. But very few games can hope to dominate an audience this way, so putting a bonus in for a break makes sense.

The rest bonus is a system in the post-game content of this hit MMORPG, which ensures that players can succeed, even if they take a few days off. The system benefits those who run the Chaos Dungeons and works on a simple numbers game.

Rest bonus in Lost Ark

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Simply put, the rest bonus accrues when players don’t use their Lost Ark Points to run Chaos Dungeons. While this won’t keep them on par with their friends who attack every day, it will keep them from being left behind.

To claim maximum loot from a Chaos Dungeon, players must have the Residency Aura. They get 100 of this unique resource at the start of each day. It costs 50 Residence Auras to claim the maximum reward from a Chaos Dungeon. This means that a player can only run dungeons twice per day before achieving noticeably diminishing returns.

The rest bonus arrives when a player leaves Aura of Residence on their account overnight. When the daily reset arrives (10:00 UTC), those who still have 50 Aura of Residence will receive a bonus 10 Rest. A player can hold up to 100 rest bonuses at any given time.

Using the rest bonus in Lost Ark

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Accumulating rest bonuses is as easy as not using Residence Aura or raiding Chaos Dungeons. Using the rest bonus is also easy and has great benefits.

If a Lost Ark player has a rest bonus of 20, their next Chaos Dungeon run will come with double the usual payout. This means that every two days spent with 50 Aura of Residence will allow the player to get double currency on one run.

The rest bonus benefit only applies to the first two Chaos Dungeon dives performed on a new day. This means that if a player accumulates a rest bonus of 100, they will work on it for the next three days.

The rest bonus is not as profitable as running Chaos Dungeons every day. It takes two days to leave a full race on the table to get the bonus on a next race. If a player made a single run every day and then cashed in their doubles, there would still be a full Chaos Dungeon payout left behind someone who works every day.

The rest bonus allows Lost Ark players to come back whenever they want without feeling too left out. Those who return to dungeons after a certain amount of rest will be pleasantly surprised with an additional payment.

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