What is the most powerful D&D legendary weapon for your character?


Whether you’re a melee fighter, ranged attacker, or specialist spell caster, every character has the perfect weapon in the world of D&D.

Dungeons & Dragons immerses players in a fantasy world like no other game, and few fantasy tropes are as awe-inspiring to imagine first-hand as wielding a mighty legendary weapon that can save the world. As player characters progress, players and their dungeon masters will look for ways to make them ever more powerful – and ultimately getting their hands on the perfect weapon is a must.

To stay alive against the toughest dungeons and dangerous dragons the world has to offer, every character will need the right tool for their class. Every campaign is different, but with a few tweaks, these legendary items can be incorporated into any campaign.

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Obviously, martial classes will be the most likely to find powerful magical weapons, but some of what’s great with D&D is that others can also have fun. Skill skills are broad enough that most classes have at least some weapon knowledge that they can benefit from. This means that the most common fantasy magical weapon trope, the Legendary Sword, is only intended for the group’s master sword user. There are plenty of magical swords to choose from, which means there is one for everyone who wants one. However, some stand out.

Mechanically, Blackrazor is probably the best sword in the game. He grants a +3 bonus on attack and damage rolls, but the real advantage is his passive abilities. When it kills a creature, it consumes its soul, granting the wearer temporary hit points as well as advantage on attack rolls, ability checks, and saving throws. The sword also helps awareness of most creatures in the wearer’s environment, and comes with its own sensitivity and personality that allows it to cast Haste without occupying the wearer’s concentration.

It is the ideal sword, although it can only be used by a character of an illegal alignment. Those characters should instead turn to the Vorpal Sword, which also comes with attack bonuses and a constant ability to instantly end a fight by beheading.

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Swords are far from the only weapons in the game. Those looking to deal bludgeoning damage or shoot arrows from a distance will want their own choices. Barbarians and rangers can take great advantage of the Javelin of Lightning, a ranged weapon that allows a character to act like Zeus once per day to deal massive damage. Any dwarf character would be honored to wield the Dwarven Thrower Warhammer which deals additional damage to Giants and returns to their hands after being thrown. As for archers, there are few bows cooler than The Mythical Odyssey of Theros‘Ephixis, who possesses various magical abilities in addition to suffering no disadvantage even at 320 feet.

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Spellcasters shouldn’t feel left out either. Wizards, wizards, and wizards need a caster’s concentration to work their magic, and to that end, they can’t do better than a staff of power. This grants a +2 bonus to armor class, saving throws, and spell attack rolls. Armor is a great choice for spellcasters, but their spell slots are even more valuable. The Staff of Might comes preloaded with some of the best defensive and offensive spells in the game, making it the perfect weapon for any spell caster.

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These weapons together constitute one of the most powerful arsenals in a Dungeons & Dragon the character might fit together, but they are all taken from different books and parts of the world that may leave DMs and PCs scratching their heads for where to find them. Communication is the secret to finding the perfect weapon in any game. If you are a player who finds a certain weapon attractive, talk to your DM about the possibility of incorporating a quest into the campaign that could earn you that weapon.

Quests for powerful items are the best way to incorporate powerful artifacts into a story. This makes them memorable and important for players to remember wielding their weapon of confidence for years to come. A PC’s god might grant them the quest to hunt down the weapon, or an ancient prophecy might predict that it will prove to be a necessary part to save the world. Make the weapon special and the quest to reach it memorable, and it can become as much a unique part of the character who wields it as anything else.

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