US approves release of Guantanamo prisoner arrested after being mistaken for terrorist after 19 years



US authorities have approved the release of a Pakistani citizen from the Guantanamo detention center after the man spent 17 years in a military prison after being mistaken for a terrorist. communicated human rights organization Reprieve.

Ahmed Rabbani | was a taxi driver who was arrested in Pakistan by local security forces in 2002 and handed over to US forces after being mistaken for a terrorist identified as Hassan Ghul, and although they soon realized he was it was the wrong personRabbani was taken to a CIA detention site in Afghanistan, where he was tortured for 545 days.

Later it was transferred to Guantanamo, where he was held without charge or trial.

Liberation of the real terrorist

A 2014 US Congress Report revealed the torture series to which the prisoner was subjected, including long periods of hanging by the hands, which caused your shoulders will fall apart. At Guantanamo, Rabbani has been on hunger strikes for years because of his unjust incarceration and has been force-fed by prison guards.

Hassan Ghul fue capture by the CIA in 2004, but was released two years later by collaborate and provide information valuable information about Al Qaeda to the agency. As for Ahmed Rabbani, despite the fact that the American government admitted that his detention was a mistake, the commission which deals with the cases of the prisoners of Guantanamo determined in 2019 that he was a suspected member of Al Qaeda and that he still represented a “significant threat“For EE.UU.

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