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Government accused of having ‘strangled the life’ of TfL

The government has been accused of ‘throttling the life’ of Transport for London (TfL) despite announcing a new £200m funding deal.

The announcement is the fourth pandemic funding settlement and takes government support close to £5billion.

The government said the settlement, which runs until June 24, includes conditions to put TfL on a path to financial sustainability by 2023 and the possibility of a longer-term capital settlement “dependent on the co-operation of the mayor and TfL”.

But union leaders and opposition politicians criticized the decision, taken ahead of next week’s strikes by London Underground workers worried about their jobs, pay, pensions and working conditions.

Manuel Cortes, general secretary of the Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association, said: “The funding deal shows how government micromanagement of TfL is suffocating its life.

“TfL cannot make plans and are in a position of stagnation and decline under the government’s oppressive approach.

“The Conservative Government continues to fail to grasp the importance of transport to our economy and to all of our communities. The complete lack of capital funding from today’s deal will continue to plague TfL’s supply chains supporting jobs across Britain.”

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