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To the east is a new pixel RPG that’s been on everyone’s Wish List on Steam for quite some time now. The game is reminiscent of old-school adventure games like Zelda and the stylized graphics are what keep people interested. Ever since the game was released, people have been wondering if it is worth buying and what to expect when they start the game.

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Below are some tips and basic information on how the game works and what to prepare for. While Eastward has its similarities to other old school video games, it remains very defined and unique with things like talking fridges and test subjects for girls.

How the fight in the east works

East split image of john and sam attacking separately

You can expect a smooth, familiar hit, hit, dodge situation when it comes to fighting as John. John uses melee to attack enemies, but later in the game you can equip guns. As Sam you will be able to use a more complex type of combat. Sam has special abilities that you can combine with those of a mage.

Using her powers means thinking critically about where you need to go and which enemies need to be dealt with first. As you progress through the story, Sam’s abilities will evolve. John’s fight is simple attack and dodge while Sam’s fight is all about controlling the battlefield and timing things well.

Currency in the East

Eastward Johnnys Emporium buys bomb refill

It is important to understand that Salt is your motto in Eastward. At the start of the game you will have a lot of salt in the upper right corner of the screen. By killing monsters and smashing barrels, you will find more salt. Salt can be used in stores and vendors to purchase important items. Items you can purchase include …

  • Bomb refill

  • Ammo recharge

  • Treasure radar

  • Upgrades

Ammo packs won’t be important until later in the game, as you won’t have a weapon at the start but only a melee weapon. Bomb reloads mean you don’t have to rely on finding breakable barrels in dungeons. Instead, you can use the Bomb Pack in your inventory for a quick recharge.

Collect loot so you can cook

Eastward cooking mini-game

When killing bugs and monsters underground and above ground, you can accidentally pick up random items. They drop raw ingredients like mushrooms, eggs and more. The gout will not look like food but rather something like a cardboard box. Collecting these ingredients is vital for maintaining health and stamina in dungeons.

The raw ingredients can be combined on a stovetop to create a meal like vegetable soup. These meals can recharge hearts, stamina, or recharge your health and give you additional fortification. Throughout the dungeons there will be stoves next to your save point called Refrigerator. This way, you can record your progress and refuel meals at the same time. You can also cook meals in your trailer in Potrock.

Find heart orbs

East Split Image Heart Orb Chest and Heart Orb Message

Heart Orbs improve your overall health, just like Heart Crystals in Terraria. Once five heart orbs are collected, you get an additional heart. It is important to know how to spot the chests that contain these heart orbs.

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As in the photo above, these special chests are bright orange or yellow and have a futuristic look. Sometimes they hide in hidden paths in dungeons. Make sure to look for these chests when exploring as they contain Heart Orbs.

Backup stations are refrigerators that talk

Eastward Economy Game in the Refrigerator

One of Eastward’s unique features is its refrigerators. To save your game, you must interact with a refrigerator. The refrigerator will then proceed to the discussion of the idea of ​​self and of whom you really are. Each refrigerator location has a phrase that will be repeated until you find a new refrigerator. The refrigerator will ask you to “Save your memory” or “Refrigerate your memories”. It means save your game file.

Dungeon puzzles aren’t that hard

Electricity puzzle from the dungeon to the east

As you explore the dungeons and tribulations, you will have to face multiple puzzles, although they are not extremely difficult. If you’re looking for a stimulating, Souls-like experience, you won’t find it here. The puzzles aren’t easy either, however. They are a moderate challenge to add complexity and purpose to dungeons. You will be able to enjoy the gameplay without feeling like your brain has nothing to do with it, but also without getting frustrated either.

Play mini-games to pass the time

Earth playing east

Eastward has several mini-games in the game. That alone shows how much love and care was brought to the world created here. You can play a digital RPG in the game itself known as Earth Born. At any time, you can access an Earth Born machine and start a game. There’s even a machine next to it so you can buy companions and buffs to help you in battle the next time you log into Earth Born. .

In addition to the familiar RPG inside an RPG, John can be asked to play a game with crabs, where you hit said crabs to produce sandrupes, then hit the sandrupes in a hole. You can never get bored when playing through Eastward.

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