This compilation is perfect for all Dungeons & Dragons sessions

If you’re headed to your weekly Dungeons & Dragons soon you may want to bring spell jams with you. The compilation features artists produced by The Decemberists guitarist and famous D&D player Chris Funkand is inspired by Spelljammer: Adventures in Space. Check it out in full below as it tears everyone apart from red fang and Hoseas at Shabazz Palace and magic swordand grab a copy here! My only question about this compilation is why the current band spell scrambler is not on it.

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“Do you know what they like on the Rocher de Bral?” said Perkins. “Rock Music! The Brilliant Chris Funk brought together a motley crew of bards to create Spelljams, music inspired by our most recent spell scrambler adventure, Light of Xaryxis. I encourage the use of Dungeon Masters spell jams as background music during their D&D gaming sessions or listen to it while imagining future hijinks. Everyone else: enjoy the music of Wildspace!”

“Helping to bring this world to life through music and the incredible visions of the artists who have been selected has been the honor of a lifetime,” said Funk. “I believe that when people think of Dungeons & Dragons that there is a preconceived undertone of what these worlds might look like. With this bold return to spell scrambler we were excited to deeply push the boundaries of Wildspace, working with artists from diverse musical backgrounds who could challenge what music might sound like in the world’s greatest role-playing multiverse. Each artist was given a character or plot from the script and then challenged to write an original composition based on Light of Xaryxis. We hope you enjoy the result!”

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