The Suicide Squad just made the Arrowverse’s black siren their prisoner


As the Suicide Squad battles the Crime Syndicate of America, the team of anti-heroes take a powerful hostage with them as they navigate Earth-3.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Suicide Squad # 6, on sale now from DC Comics.

Since the start of the Infinite Frontier era, Amanda Waller has strived to add some of the most powerful characters to Task Force X and push her agenda forward at all costs. No longer limited to recruiting anti-heroes and villains from the main DC Universe, Waller has extended his ambitions to the newly born multiverse. And as the Suicide Squad takes on the Crime Syndicate of America on Earth-3, the team captures one of this world’s most important figures, Black Siren.

Waller has had plans on Earth-3 for some time after receiving permission from the President of the United States to expand the Suicide Squad’s mission to the multiverse. To conduct reconnaissance on alternate universes, Waller sends Bloodsport to investigate the morally inverted world. As Bloodsport goes incognito for months while collecting data, Waller identifies Black Siren, the global embodiment of the Arrowverse‘s Black Canary, as a possible recruit. However, as Bloodsport attempts to isolate and extract Black Siren, he is ambushed by Ultraman, leading to an all-out battle between Task Force X and the Crime Syndicate, escalating into Suicide Squad # 6 by Robbie Thompson, Eduardo Pansica, Julio Ferreira, Dexter Soy, Alex Sinclair and Wes Abbott.

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Black Siren Earth-3 Suicide Squad

With Ultraman possessing the powers of Superman, the Suicide Squad seems to be outmatched in their unbridled fury until Black Siren turns on him. Unleashing the full power of his Canary Cry, Ultraman is injured by the sonic attack, but quickly comes to his senses. With the vampiric anti-hero Nocturna seen near Black Siren as she unleashes her Canary Cry, she may be using her supernatural telepathic powers to control Siren and turn against her teammate. It’s clear Siren is forced to attack the Crime Syndicate after she is later seen tied up with her mouth shut as the Suicide Squad escorts her in search of a way home.

Future State has revealed why Waller wanted to recruit figures like Black Siren into Task Force X as it developed its mission guidelines. Waller is determined to form sets masquerading as the Justice League and install them in power on alternate worlds across the multiverse to serve his agenda. That’s part of why Waller forced Superboy into the Suicide Squad and led to a falling out with longtime Commander Rick Flag when he made Waller’s long-range plans come true. With Black Siren on the team, Waller would not only have his own Black Canary, but one who understands the inner workings of Earth-3 better than anyone when Waller sets up a fake Justice League in the universe.

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Captive black mermaid

While Bloodsport put Waller’s entire mission on Earth-3 in jeopardy by being discovered by Ultraman when he attempted to extract Black Siren, the overall plan appears to have suffered this setback. The Suicide Squad escaped the Crime Syndicate, with only minimal casualties incurred, and with Bloodsport rescued and Black Siren captured. The Suicide Squad is still not free at home and now faces the wrath of another infamous character on Earth-3. But they’re a big step forward for Waller to get his own version of Black Canary to complete his planned squad.

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