The Simpsons: The 10 Best Comic Book Guy Quotes

Throughout his many appearances, Comic Book Guy has proven to be a favorite with The simpsons fans, as viewers revel in the cynical nerd’s sarcastic remarks. The owner of Android’s Dungeon is responsible for some of the funniest lines in the animated sitcom and provided some of the show’s most unforgettable scenes.

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Comic Book Guy’s witty words are among the series’ most quoted dialogue, with the sarcastic shopkeeper referencing several elements of popular culture (such as Marvel and star wars). These colorful proclamations also offer a humorous portrayal of geek culture, with the avid comic book collector leading a decidedly solitary life.


Itchy and rough

“Last night’s Itchy & Scratchy was, without a doubt, the worst episode ever. Rest assured I was on the internet within minutes, recording my disgust across the world,”

The show that itches and scratches has developed a sizable fanbase across Springfield, and one of their most loyal viewers is Comic Book Guy. The Android’s Dungeon trader seems unimpressed when Poochy is added to the cast of the violent cartoon, as he expresses his disgust at the character’s introduction in ‘The Itchy And Scratchy And Poochy Show’.

These words of contempt reflect Comic Book Guy’s pessimistic outlook, as he furiously declares Poochy’s debut to be “the worst episode ever”. This line acts as an amusing portrayal of the nerd community’s often harsh criticism of film and TV releases, with the comic book enthusiast appearing particularly enraged by the controversial Itchy And Scratchy show.

Doctor Who Marathon

“Yes, that should provide adequate nourishment for the Doctor Who marathon…”

Comic Book Guy takes his tacos out of the store.

The simpsons featured countless references to Doctor Who, but one of the biggest comes in the episode “Bart The Fink”. In this entertaining episode, Comic Book Guy gives a humorous nod to the British sci-fi series, as he acquires a hundred tacos for his Doctor Who marathon.

This quote acts as a fun allusion to the iconic BBC programme, which many consider to be one of the best multiverse shows. Android’s Dungeon Owner’s Comments Directly Reference the sheer number of episodes in the series, which dates back to 1963, and acts as a witty acknowledgment of the mammoth time commitment of a Doctor Who marathon would require.


“There is no emoticon for how I feel!”

Emoticons have become an important aspect of online culture, with many internet users choosing to use these quirky symbols in their virtual communications. Comic Book Guy has shown particular interest in this web-based language, as he expresses his frustrations with Mayor Quimby’s latest political machinations in “The Computer Wore Menace Shoes”.

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Comic Book Guy’s annoyed exasperation at Quimby’s inappropriate spending serves as one of his more comedic lines, as he laments the lack of an emoticon to properly express his feelings. His displeasure with the mayor results in one of the show’s most priceless gags, the usually outspoken comic book geek suddenly finding himself speechless.

Write for Marvel

“Ooh, I write for Marvel? To be on the committee that would decide the fate of the Avengers? So people like me might laugh at me!”

Comic Book Guy prepares to pop his question at Comic Con, to win his dream job at Marvel.

Marvel is responsible for some of the greatest superheroes, with many of their best Avengers yet to make their MCU debut.. Comic Book Guy demonstrates a keen interest in such comedic creations in Season 32’s “Three Dreams Denied,” which follows the uber-geek’s attempt to land a job at Marvel by cooking up the perfect Comic-Con question.

This rather exciting line from Comic Book Guy underscores his strong determination to write for Marvel Comics, as he happily declares his intent to decide the fate of the Avengers. The comments from the avid superhero nerd have a wonderful sense of irony, with his jovial remarks acknowledging how his dream job would see him become a member of the committee he has dedicated his life to ridiculing at every opportunity.

Human contact

“Human contact. The final frontier…”

Comic Book Guy approaches the support group for people without friends.

Android’s Dungeon may be one of Springfield’s most popular stores, but its owner is considerably less beloved, with Comic Book Guy choosing to spend his free time browsing the internet rather than developing real-world friendships. . Season 12’s “Worst Episode Ever” explores this rather sad aspect of Comic Book Guy’s life, as he faces his greatest fear of human interaction.

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Comic Book Guy’s words are hilarious, with the lone trader preparing to join a support group for the friendless. This truly unforgettable dialogue offers deep insight into Comic Book Guy’s socially awkward personality, as it reveals the uber-geek’s struggles with social communication.

Wrong generation

“This robot is made up of Batmobile, Hobbit Hole and SpongeBob playsets. It’s…it’s a bad build!”

LEGO Comic Book Guy is furious with Bart Simpson's mix of LEGO sets.

LEGO construction sets are among the most popular toys in the world, and The simpsons featured many references to the Danish building block company. One of the biggest is in the episode “Brick Like Me”, which involves Comic Book Guy expressing his disapproval of Bart’s creative building techniques.

This line from Comic Book Guy’s LEGO counterpart acts as a nice riff on The Lego Movie, the trader taking a similar stance to Lord Business when it comes to mixing business building games. Comic Book Guy believes that builders should strictly follow the rules of the toy, rather than using more imaginative building skills, providing a fascinating contrast to the more innovative mindset of LEGO Bart Simpson.

The Simpsons Horse

“Excuse me. But I believe this family already had a horse, and the expense forced Homer to work at the Kwik-E-Mart with hilarious consequences.”

Comic Book Guy reminds the Simpsons of when they bought a horse.

The Simpsons have found themselves embroiled in various goofy situations, but one of their most ambitious attempts involves buying a racehorse in “Saddlesore Galactica.” However, this does not impress Comic Book Guy, who reminds the family of their previous equestrian misadventure, after hearing of their decision to purchase the abused fairground pony, Duncan.

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This playful, fourth-wall-breaking gag from Comic Book Guy calls back to one of the show’s most popular episodes. His sarcastic remarks reference Season 3’s “Lisa’s Pony,” which features Homer undertaking grueling work at the Kwik E Mart to gift Lisa a horse, revealing amusing similarities between “Saddlesore Galactica” and one of early stories in the series.

Near new condition

“You will be kept in this mylar pouch, remaining in near mint condition, between Doctor Who and, of course, Yasmine Bleeth”,

“Treehouse Of Horror X” is responsible for one of Comic Book Guy’s finest quotes, with The comic book-loving nerd appearing in the episode’s third Halloween sketch, titled “Stretchdude And Clobbergirl.” This witty segment sees the passionate comic book nerd kidnap Lucy Lawless as his supervillain alter-ego “The Collector” and attempt to add her to his collection of famous movie and TV icons.

Comic Book Guy’s wicked proclamation humorously satirizes the obsessive nature of collectors, as it acknowledges the determination many fans have to acquire and keep collectibles in mint condition. His dialogue also gives a knowing nod to the Doctor Who the community’s affectionate nickname for the Doctor, referring to his fourth incarnation – which delivered some of the most memorable quotes – as “Doctor Who”, a common nickname among fans of the show’s title character.

Loneliness and cheeseburgers

“Ooh, loneliness and cheeseburgers are a dangerous mix…”

Comic Guy is taken to Doctor Nick's private clinic in My Sister My Sitter.

Comic Book Guy lives a somewhat questionable lifestyle, with the sarcastic shopkeeper having made poor choices regarding his well-being. The owner of Android’s Dungeon’s rather unhealthy diet proves his downfall in “My Sister, My Sitter”, as he seeks medical treatment at Doctor Nick’s clinic.

These words of pain and discomfort bring much hilarity to the proceedings, as Comic Book Guy emotionally declares that loneliness and cheeseburgers are “a dangerous mix”. The lone geek begins to regret the nefarious nature of his reclusive lifestyle, as he finds himself at the mercy of Doctor Nick’s rather dubious medical expertise, resulting in one of The Simpsons most quoted lines.

weird world

“Stan Lee insulted me! But in Bizarro World, that means he likes me.”

Stan Lee in The Simpsons

The simpsons have featured numerous guest stars over 33 seasons, and “I Am Furious Yellow” sees Comic Book Guy meet his idol, Stan Lee. His encounter with the Marvel legend proves disastrous, however, as Stan insults the sarcastic nerd’s occupation following his somewhat cruel criticism of Bart’s comic book.

Comic Book Guy’s reaction to Stan’s cutting remarks carries a great sense of irony, as he tries to rationalize the disappointment of the iconic comic book writer. It’s a deeply amusing line that highlights the disappointment that can follow when a loyal fan meets his hero, as Comic Book Guy tries to adjust to a world where Stan Lee disapproves of his job as a tape dealer. drawn.

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