The fall and rise of the English country house after World War II


It’s been a while since we’ve given a gift here in Anglotopia, now it’s time to start over. And our inaugural contest is a real treat – we’re giving away a copy of Adrian Tinniswood’s Noble Ambitions: The Fall and Rise of The English Country House After World War II.

For those unfamiliar with Adrian’s work, he is one of Britain’s foremost experts on stately homes and British aristocracy. I’m a huge fan of his books (and I met him, he’s a lovely guy).

His latest book explores how British stately homes managed to survive after WWII and go through a kind of rebirth.

About the book:

An exhilarating visit to the English country house after WWII, when London collided with aristocratic values

As the sun slowly set over the British Empire, its mansions fell and rose. Old families were reduced to demolishing parts of their stately homes that they could no longer afford, dukes and duchesses desperately clung to their ancestral seats, and a new class of landlords bought their way into life. in the countryside. A delightful adventure, / Noble Ambitions / takes us through these crumbling halls of power, guiding us through the juiciest bits of post-war aristocratic history, from Mick Jagger dancing at deb balls to scandals of the Princess Margaret. Capturing the spirit of the times, historian Adrian Tinniswood proves that the country house is not just an iconic symbol, but a lens through which to understand the changing fortunes of the British elite in an era of social change. monumental.

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You have until October 1, 2021 to participate. We will choose a winner at random. I’m sorry but this contest is only in the United States and Canada.

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