The Dungeons and Dragons Classes of Every Main Harry Potter Character

The adventures in stranger things and a trailer for an upcoming movie have brought Dungeons & Dragons under the spotlight of all media, intriguing viewers with the complexities of each class and villain in the narrative. With such an abundance of characters, D&D characters have become more appealing and easier to understand for viewers and game participants.

Harry Potter is one of the most iconic and memorable series to date. The success of the franchise is due to the variety of endearing and endearing characters and an exciting storyline. Sort the Harry Potter characters into their own Dungeons and Dragons class is as simple as sorting them into their Hogwarts house by taking into account their personality traits and physical abilities.


Harry Potter – Cleric

The eponymous hero of the series is a powerful and unifying outsider, not to mention that Harry has extraordinary magical abilities for a boy of his age. He also seems to have an unnatural connection to other worlds, as he is constantly supported by his deceased loved ones.

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Harry would be classed as a cleric due to his noble mission in life and his unwavering devotion to good. He is a constant example of wisdom and experience to whom his peers often turn for advice. The prophecy about Harry binds him more deeply to the otherworldly connection between the boy’s reality and his deeper purpose, much like a cleric.

Albus Dumbledore – Sorcerer

Albus Dumbledore is one of the most stereotypical wizards on the show. His powers are incomparable to any other character, and he made some of the most magical first impressions of the Harry Potter series. As seen in the movies, Dumbledore is capable of the most intricate and complicated spells.

The Wizard class in D&D is very much like the abilities that come naturally to Dumbledore. Both wizards can manipulate Earth forces, control minds, conjure monsters, and influence their opponents with ease. The wizarding world is lucky that Dumbledore is on the safe side of the fight.

Voldemort – Sorcerer

Voldemort begins his life story as a villain due to his blatant opinions and lust for power. His entire campaign is based on the belief that his pure bloodlines are superior and deserve to rule as such. His generational ties and abilities trace back to the powerful and feared wizard, Salazar Slytherin.

Much like Voldemort, a wizard carries a magical birthright that is passed down through an exotic bloodline. Sorcerers are rare and display immense strength in both power and influence. As the Harry Potter wicked, wizards live legendary, but not always honorable, lives.

Hermione Granger – Monk

Hermione Granger is a particularly capable and courageous heroine throughout the series. The value she places on her relationships and knowledge is far higher than that of her peers. Hermione becomes a complete witch who understands her abilities and the dangers of the world through experience and study.

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Monks are an extremely reserved and studious class. Each monk spends a lot of time seeking personal perfection through contemplation and physical effort. By studying the magic that flows within them, monks become powerful trumps against evil, much like Hermione Granger.

Severus Snape – Paladin

Fans weren’t prepared for the heartbreaking moments of Harry Potter, such as when Snape’s true nature was depicted just before his death. Snape was a fearless warrior in the face of evil throughout the series. As a double agent, he fought and manipulated the Dark Lord for years before his death.

Paladins are a class honored for their devotion to duty and their sacred oaths. Due to varying circumstances, a paladin devotes his life and efforts to the success of a mission. In many cases Snape is shown to have given his all on a promise to Dumbledore to keep Harry safe and help in the fight for good.

Ron Weasley – Barbarian

Although he doesn’t excel at spells like Hermione, or has nearly as much life experience as Harry, Ron Weasley embodies loyalty and support for his loved ones. He is a fierce friend who has fought many times for his companions.

Comparing Ron to a barbarian might seem difficult, but his intense natural instinct to protect others puts him in this powerful class. Barbarians are known to be extremely volatile, acting on instinct and rage, which fuels their success in battle. From cursing Malfoy with slugs to chasing his girlfriend’s bullies, Ron fears nothing when standing up for his friends.

Neville Longbottom – Druid

Neville’s character is renowned for being misunderstood and underappreciated. He proudly displays his fearless nature in the series finale as a stalwart fighter against Voldemort. Neville also expresses his admiration and obsession with herbology and agriculture which sets him apart from his friends.

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Neville Longbottom is undoubtedly a druid. This D&D class is known for its appreciation and reliance on nature to subdue its enemies. Druids are nature personified and inflict the fury of the Earth on anyone who comes against them. They are fearless and co-dependent in nature.

Bellatrix Lestrange – Thief

Bellatrix Lestrange has earned some of the craziest fan theories due to her unpredictable behavior and unpleasant personality. She is infinitely resourceful, has many connections in dark places, and devotes her life to the Dark Lord’s abominations against mankind. Bellatrix is ​​known for her terrifying torture tactics and manipulative tendencies.

Rogues are a class of D&D who blaze their own unconventional path in the world. They are expected to be stealthy tricksters who often use their opponent’s weaknesses to propel themselves to success. Much like Bellatrix, Rogues have been known to “stab” anyone in their path because they aren’t tied to a moral compass.

Luna Lovegood – Monk

Luna has earned one of the most iconic nicknames in Harry Potter, “Looney” because of his unique personality. Contrary to public belief, Luna is one of the most centered and knowledgeable characters on the show. His passions include understanding the world around him in a deeper way and befriending those who need it most.

Luna’s deliberate contemplations and self-awareness place her in the Monk class. She is a valuable asset for good due to her wisdom and life experiences which have prepared her for battle more than her peers. Like a true monk, Luna practices discipline both physically and emotionally and devotes her free time to learning the dangers of the world.

Sirius Black – Ranger

Sirius Black stole the hearts of fans by becoming a devoted godfather to Harry and a source of wisdom and protection. Once freed from Azkaban, he devoted all his time and energy to the Order of the Phoenix in desperate attempts to prevent Voldemort’s return. Although most of his efforts weren’t seen on screen, Sirius’s servitude in combat was priceless.

Rangers are fierce warriors who fight off terrors and villains in the borderlands so they can’t reach the townspeople. Rangers know nature well and are even able to harness nature to fight fearlessly against their enemies. Sirius Black is an excellent candidate for a thief as he has lived his life in the shadows and constantly fought for good.

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