The ‘Destiny 2’ take on Avarice Dungeon God Roll weapons you should farm

Well, I’ll start with some bad news. Today, when you reset Destiny 2, you still won’t be be able to farm the dungeon multiple times for the weapon rolls, because something is still wrong, and we’ll have to wait until later in the week for a fix.

But, things should be resolved after that, and then you can use the four new (old?) Weapons as you like. And some of them turn out to be must-haves. Thought I would make a little god roll guide for these, and I’m still missing a lot, given how new the dungeon is and how many looted races we’ve been limited to.

Eyasluna (stasis hand cannon)

Perpetual movement / Kill Clip – Easily the most publicized weapon of the four, there are plenty of good reels for it. Perpetual Motion is a solid new perk that’s activated almost all the time, and Kill Clip is going to let you dominate in Crucible upon activation.

Rangefinder, Rapid Hit or Outlaw / Kill Clip – If you’d rather slip into a perk more familiar with Kill Clip, these three will be your best bet, but given the stats, the Rangefinder is probably the more solid option.

Outlaw / Gravestone – Hey, that’s my Vulpecula roll! The tombstone barely rolls on anything at the moment, so you might want to hang this one up for some stasis-focused PvE build.

Matador 64 (Bow shotgun)

Perpetual motion / Anything – I can’t really describe how good Perpetual Motion feels on shotguns, and would highly recommend trying it with whatever. Killing Wind is particularly pleasant.

Pulse Monitor / One-Two Punch or Harmony – Pulse Monitor has been improved and I think if you are within fist range you take enough damage to activate it quite frequently. Harmony is also a good perk for pretty massive damage to shotguns when they are activated.

Perpetual motion or pulse monitor / Golden Tricon – Another new perk here that extends a damage buff over ability damage. Strong enough for a shotgun given that you’ll frequently be in charged melee range. Maybe not as good as some, but give it a try.

1000 Yard Stare (Void Sniper Rifle)

Quickdraw / Instant – Sniper matchmaking these days, and 1000 Yard is a excellent sniper that sits above a lot of other legendary options.

Firmly planted or without distractions / moving target – If you’re like me and need all the extra help you can get to get your shots right.

Perpetual motion / Instantaneous – If you strafe it should help you shoot more often on the move.

Heroes of the Ages (Arc Sword)

Trance / Relentless or Duelist Chain – It’s mine, and Chain Reaction is great fun on a sword without a caster for once.

Demolitionist / Chain Reaction – This is a roll that you would normally see on a grenade throw, but on a sword? Hilarious and fun. And I think throwing a grenade will instantly reload your heavy attack.

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