The 10 Best Fantasy Board Games, Ranked

Fantasy has been a popular theme in the tabletop gaming hobby for decades. Many games find different ways to incorporate the fantasy theme into game design. It can range from a simple little card game that only takes a few minutes to an in-depth dungeon crawl that takes all day to play.

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Many players love the fantasy theme, which is the main reason why it has become strong and used so many times. However, not all fantasy games are the same. Many fantasy-themed games do unique and interesting things within the genre to change the status quo and keep players interested.

ten Click! Brings fantasy to building bridges

Clank board game played on table

Click! is a deck building game where players start with similar decks of cards. As the game progresses, they add new cards and abilities to their deck. The game is also dungeon crawling, which makes for a very interesting and engaging combination. Fans congratulated Click! for its great variety, as each part of the game is different from the previous one. There are also expansions, spinoffs, and more that expand the game and give it even more variety for players.

9 Lords Of Waterdeep has brought many gamers into the hobby

Lords of Waterdeep board game played on table

Contrary to popular belief, there is less crossover between tabletop RPG players and board game players than most people realize. Often, J&D fans enjoy the role-playing aspect of the game while board game fans enjoy the mechanics and components.

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However, Lords of Waterdeep brought players from both worlds together as the game is a worker placement board game set in the vast world of Dungeons & Dragons. Lords of Waterdeep blended those two playing styles more than anything before or after it.

8 A Game of Thrones: board games are politics and betrayal

A game of thrones Board game components play on the table

The popular game of thrones The television series is based on the bestselling book series. A game of thrones: the board game draws inspiration from both as it pits players against each other as they control different houses in the fantasy realm of Westeros. The game is all day long as it combines military combat, political intrigue, alliances, betrayal, and more than fans have come to expect from the franchise. A game of thrones: the board game is intense and engaging, but it can sow suspicion in friends as they stab each other with a smile.

7 Mage Knight is an intricate dungeon crawl

Mage Knight board game components and box cover

mage knight is a legendary game in the field of tabletop games, as it has been popular among hardcore gamers for several years. The game is quite complex and even comes with a tutorial on how to learn how to play, but once players get the hang of it they find it to be an engaging and exciting game full of lots of strategies and many possibilities for replayability. mage knight has especially become popular for gamers who enjoy playing single-player board games, as the game often feels like an epic fantasy adventure.

6 BattleLore lets players duel with fantasy creatures

Tabletop BattleLore board game

BattleLore uses the “commands and colors” system, which is notably used in the hit board game War cry. In BattleLore, two players can assemble their armies by spending points on different types of units. They also secretly determine where units will start, which immediately adds tension to the game.

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The players congratulated BattleLore for its in-depth strategies and planning while fully embracing the fantasy theme, straying slightly from its wargame-based heritage. The game also has expansions for fans who want even more.

5 Mage Wars is a duel of wizards

Mage Wars board game components in the box

Mage Wars is a card-based fighting game where two players will take on the role of dueling wizards trying to defeat their opponent. Unlike many card games, Mage Wars has no shuffling or drawing of cards. Instead, players build their decks ahead of time and place each card in a spellbook. During the game, each player has full access to all their cards, which they can play by spending mana. There are many types of cards such as spells, summons, equipment, attacks, etc.

4 The War of the Ring is Lord of the Rings in a Box

War Of The Ring Second Edition Now Playing

War of the Ring is a board game for two players set in the fantasy world of The Lord of the Rings. The game takes place over the course of the entire trilogy of books as one player assumes the role of the Fellowship and the other player assumes the role of the Shadows. War of the Ring is quite complicated and quite time consuming to play, but it is one of the most engaging and themed games ever made. Few games that capture the theme as well as War of the Ring.

3 Small World is a tactical fantasy classic

Small World board game played on table

Small world has been a popular game since its first release in 2009. Players use unique combinations of races and fantasy powers to conquer territories and score points. The game is very tactical as it has very little chance of determining the winners of the battles. The large number of different races and power combinations also makes the game very fresh even when you play it multiple times. Small world’Its popularity spawned multiple spinoffs, sequels, and expansions for fans of the game to try out.

2 Descent: Journeys In The Dark is a Dungeon Crawl Legend

Descent Journeys In The Dark First Edition Board Game Components Inside Box

Descent: Journeys In The Dark (First Edition) is one of the most influential games ever made. Many dungeon crawls, and even other types of games, have their roots in Descent. The game is huge and it captured the imagination of gamers when it was first released in 2005.

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The dice system and more Descent continued to be used in games like Star Wars: Imperial Assault. Descent is very hard to find these days, especially an unused copy. Its legacy lives on in the form of other games and recent spinoffs.

1 Gloomhaven is the highest rated game of all time

Gloomhaven Board Game Played Roughly

dark haven is a massive fantasy epic with a full campaign and over 90 scenarios, but the game doesn’t stop there. It also has over 15 different characters to play as, all with unique decks and abilities. It’s a very big experience that will take hundreds of hours, but it’s considered one of the most rewarding experiences that tabletop games have to offer. The game became so popular and beloved that its sequel Kickstarter raised nearly $13 million.

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