Sykkuno received death threats for playing Dungeons & Dragons


Jason parker
in general | July 9, 2021

Sykkuno will never be streaming Dungeons & Dragons again, thanks to death threats. It should never be a sentence we should have to write. Death threats are serious business, and that’s for sure. Sykkuno has had a meteoric rise on Twitch thanks to games like Among Us, and unfortunately that comes with negatives like death threats. As a member of the OfflineTV team, he’s part of a bunch of some of the best and most entertaining streamers on Twitch, so sometimes they turn things around.

In the ’80s and’ 90s, D&D sparked controversy, with people thinking it was “devil’s game” and other ignorant claims. Here, it’s because it was the game of choice. Because of the way they played D&D instead of something else, or maybe because of the way Sykkuno played the game in general, he had started receiving death threats, and it never was. the right decision. Some fans are entitled to it because they are so used to seeing certain games.

In Sykkuno’s case, it’s probably Rust, Valorant, and GTA RP. When someone is broadcasting something you don’t like, death threats aren’t the right thing to do. You can try to enjoy it anyway, or you can come back another day when it’s something you want to watch.

During a recent live broadcast, Sykkuno had this to say. “D&D was really the worst fan experience I’ve ever had. And I didn’t even air it, which is crazy to me. It was the worst. Guys, guys. I am. a subscriber on Lily’s channel sometimes. I remember one time I felt bad because this guy was replaced by Lily for nine months and I banned him because he sent me threats of death.

It’s such a confusing thing to even read. For those who enjoyed D&D streams, it doesn’t look like Sykkuno will be a part of it any time soon. It can play offline, but death threats are thrown on any game choice leading to some really unfortunate situations.

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