Star Wars Han Solo Building Guide

Han Solo is one of star wars‘ the most endearing and dynamic characters. Starting out as a cynical smuggler looking to make a quick buck, Han’s time as a member of the Rebel Alliance turns him into a brave and selfless hero. With a sharp mind, faster draw and a skill set that reflects his checkered past, Han is the perfect role model for a Dungeons & Dragons character, one that is rich with compelling role-playing potential.

With a wide range of varied skills and a heavy reliance on technology that might be hard to come by in most fantasy settings, building a character that captures the essence of Han Solo in J&D is a big challenge. Fortunately, J&DThe comprehensive character customization system offers a variety of class and background options for players looking to create a character that emulates the iconic smuggler-turned-general.

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The best D&D race for Han Solo

Whereas star warsCreator George Lucas originally envisioned Han Solo as an alien, the character eventually became a human from the core world of Corellia. As a result, basic human might seem like an obvious race choice for Han. However, if Han’s player really wants to capture the ingenuity that makes Han such an effective criminal and rebel, Variant Human is a much better choice.

As a human variant, Han trades innate magical abilities for increased versatility. Being a Human variant gives Han a +1 bonus to two of his stats, which should go into Intelligence and Dexterity. Human variants also learn to speak a second language of their choice, reflecting Han’s proficiency in various alien languages. As if that weren’t enough, variant humans also gain proficiency in a skill of their choice. For Han, it should be Insight, given his incredible ability to read others. Finally, Human Variants can choose a free feat. Lucky is a great choice for players who want to emulate Han’s talent for getting out of trouble.

The best D&D background for Han Solo

Although the current canon and star wars legends differ on the details of Han’s past, both versions portray Han as an orphan who spent his formative years on the streets, where he learned the skills that would make him a professional outlaw. While Smuggler or Wildspacer can be excellent matches for Han thematically, Criminal best reflects Han’s experience with the criminal underworld. The criminal’s skill with deception and stealth reflects Han’s ability to mask his intentions and avoid attention. To top things off, Criminal Contact gives Han a direct connection to an unseen network of criminals, mirroring his tendency to call on favors from old acquaintances whenever he needs a little help.

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Best D&D Courses for Han Solo

To put it bluntly, Rogue is a perfect match for Han thematically and mechanically. Even though Han ends up getting straight to the point, the man is never afraid to lean on one of the many dirty tricks he learned as a criminal if it’s to protect his friends and family. This hallmark Han trait is well reflected in the thief’s tendency to rely on tactics like sneak attack, which, while effective, is generally considered dishonorable or cowardly.

When it comes to the Roguish archetype that Rogues gain in level three, Swashbuckler fits Han like a glove. Fancy Footwork lets Han get out of dangerous situations without provoking attacks of opportunity, and Rakish Audacity gives him the ability to perform a sneak attack when engaged in close combat with a single enemy, mirroring the moment famous where he shot the Rodian bounty. Greedo hunter in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope.

While Han should invest most of his levels in Rogue to get the most out of the features he receives as a Swashbuckler, players who want to emulate Han’s trademark skill with a blaster might consider taking three levels in Artificer. and choose the Artillerist specialty. Not only does this give Han proficiency in firearms (if the DM hasn’t already allowed him to have it), but it also gives him access to a powerful Eldritch cannon, with the Force Ballista specialization perfectly mirroring a traditional star wars blaster.

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Han Solo’s Most Important D&D Ability Scores

As a full-fledged rogue or multi-class rogue/artificer, Han’s most valuable base stat is Dexterity. As Han’s main attack stat and used to calculate his AC while wearing light armour, Dexterity determines Han’s ability to strike his enemies and how difficult his enemies are to retaliate. On top of that, Dexterity also determines Han’s initiative in battle, making it an absolute must for players who want to emulate Han’s quick reflexes.

While one might think Han’s second most important stat is Intelligence, Han’s status as a Swashbuckler Rogue means he should focus on increasing his Charisma score. Not only does charisma contribute to many of Rogue’s skills, including deception, persuasion, and intimidation, but Swashbuckler’s exclusive ninth-level ability, Panache, also allows Han to charm non-hostile targets or disadvantage enemies. hostile targets on attacks made against him if he passes a Persuasion test against him.

Best D&D Achievements for Han Solo

In addition to Lucky, players who want Han to achieve another achievement could consider Skilled, which allows Han to master three other stats of his choice. For players who want to take advantage of Han’s strengths as a sniper, Sharpshooter negates the disadvantage Han would receive when attacking at long range, ignores half and three quarters of cover, and allows him to suffer a –5 penalty to his attack roll. for +10 extra damage. Alert is also a good choice, as it gives Han a +5 bonus to initiative rolls and prevents hidden opponents from falling on him.

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