Snape’s Best Decisions in Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban doesn’t show Snape in his best light – and although he’s clearly one of the villains of the Harry potter franchise, it’s a book / movie where he really hardly makes good decisions. Much of the focus of this episode for Snape is his grudge against the Marauders – and that leads him to make several really bad decisions. From refusing to listen to Lupine and Sirius, to his deep suspicions, and even following Harry under the Whomping Willow, Snape’s decisions go from bad to worse.

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Despite this, he at least makes a few good choices during Prisoner of Azkaban. And given that the Marauders tried to kill him as a teenager, and everyone wizarding believes Sirius is a mass murderer, holding a grudge can be forgiven! Snape still spends much of the book / movie trying to protect Harry in his own way, and that shouldn’t be overlooked.

5 Preparation of the Wolfsbane potion

Considering their history, it must not have been easy for Snape to brew the Wolfsbane Potion for Lupine on a monthly basis, but he chose to do so anyway. Lupine tells Harry that this is a particularly delicate potion and that he wouldn’t trust most people to brew it for him – so it’s not something that another teacher (or Lupine himself) could have handled it. It’s also something Snape does every month for the entire year, despite his own suspicions.

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Of course, it is highly likely that Dumbledore essentially forced Snape to make this potion, and Dumbledore’s hold on Snape cannot be denied – so it may not have been an entirely voluntary decision. It’s also worth mentioning that Snape was ultimately the one to take out Lupine as a werewolf, which led to his resignation, which effectively undoes the right choice he made here.

4 Define the werewolf trial


It certainly wasn’t a decision made with the best of intentions, but Snape’s werewolf trial ended up working for the best. When he took over Lupin’s class and told them to write an article about werewolves, this was done so that a student realized that Lupine was a werewolf – which would presumably lead to his referral.

However, Hermione was the one to put it all together, and she was too smart to immediately be prejudiced against a great professor because of it. More importantly, however, this essay was probably what led Hermione to learn the howl she later used to keep Lupine away from them. If she hadn’t heard of this, she, Ron, and Harry might have died that year.


3 Confront Harry over the map

Name of the new Scamander on the marauder's map in Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban

Again, this decision was not made with the best of intentions, but actually worked for the best. When Malfoy tells Snape he saw Harry in Hogsmeade, Snape manages to corner him about it – and in the process, finds the Marauder’s Map. Fortunately, as Lupine arrives he is able to confiscate it – and later return it to Harry.

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The vital part of that decision is that Snape’s choice to confront Harry and take his pockets out is what causes Harry to tell Lupine that he saw Peter’s name on the card – and that, to his liking. turn, leads Lupine to realize that Sirius had been placed upstairs. If Snape hadn’t chased Harry for sneaking into the village, things would have turned out very differently! It’s also worth noting that while it might have seemed like a “mean” thing, Snape felt like a killer was after Harry and was legitimately trying to protect him.

2 Try to protect Harry, Ron and Hermione

In the movie, when everything goes wrong and Lupine turns into a werewolf in front of him, Harry, Ron, and Hermione, Snape actually jumps in front of the children and tries to protect them. It’s a somewhat surprising choice, as Snape is so often portrayed as a villain who seems to hate children – and those three in particular.

However, Snape makes the brave choice to try and protect the Golden Trio – even when he’s completely unable to stand up to a completely transformed werewolf! He would have sacrificed his own life for them, and it’s a moment that really shows that Snape’s demeanor and misery might not be all there is to him.

1 Accusing Harry of having saved Sirius

Gary Oldman as Sirius Black in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

At the end of the school year, just when Harry and Hermione are able to save Sirius and Buckbeack, Snape rushes into the hospital ward to savagely accuse Harry of having saved Sirius in some way. other. It might sound like a bad decision, but it actually works in Harry’s favor.

The Minister might in fact have taken a closer look at the situation had Snape not been absolutely furious and utterly savage in his accusations – something which in fact led the Minister to assume that the loss of the Merlin’s Order had prompted Snape to seek completely impossible answers. . While Snape would have hated to think he had actually helped Harry save Sirius, his emotional outburst worked in Harry’s favor here.

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