Russian troops accused of impaling Ukrainian prisoner’s head on a stick

Russian forces have been accused of further atrocities after a photo was published showing a severed head impaled on a stick.

The photo was reportedly taken last month in the Russian-occupied town of Popasna in Donbass. It shows a low house with a neglected garden. A sign on a wall reads “21 Nagorna Street”.

On one side of the garden is a stake with a decomposed head impaled on it. Behind him, on smaller stakes, are two severed hands.

The photo would have been taken at the end of July. The Ukrainian army withdrew from Popasna in early May. In July, Russian forces captured the entire Luhansk province, including Popasna.

“There is nothing human about the Russians. We are fighting with non-humans,” said Serhiy Haidai, the Ukrainian governor of Lugansk, which Russia had captured in July.

Russian authorities have not commented.

Russia and its allies have been accused of multiple war crimes since they invaded Ukraine on February 24.

Last month, a video showed a Russian soldier castrating a Ukrainian prisoner with a knife.

Russian troops have been accused of murdering and raping hundreds of people in suburban towns north of Kyiv.

Bucha’s images in particular shocked the world, with photographs of corpses lying in the street and mass graves left behind after the Russians fled.

Moscow also bombed civilian targets, killed prisoners of war, and carried out kidnappings and forced deportations.

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