Ridley Scott’s Napoleon movie kitbag sets filming date

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Scott revealed the news during an interview with BBC’s Today.

Ridley scott revealed the shooting date of his new movie Musette during an interview with BBC’s Today. Per Scott, filming for the new epic Napoleon is set to begin Jan. 15 for Apple Studios.

Movie stars Joaquin phoenix in the titular role, with Jodie comer working alongside him as the wife of Napoleon Joséphine. David Scarpa is planned to write the script with Scott and Kevin walsh acting as producers. According to his interview with Today, Scott would have called the next film a “monster”.

“No actor could ever play Napoleon like Joaquin,” Scott said when the project first landed at Apple Studios. “He created one of the most complex emperors in the history of cinema by Gladiator, and we’ll create another one with his Napoleon. It’s a brilliant screenplay written by David Scarpa, and today there is no better partner than Apple to bring a story like this to global audiences.

Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator

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The upcoming biopic will show a personal look at the origins of the French military leader and his rapid rise to the emperor. However, this won’t be a traditional biopic, as these events will be seen through Napoleon’s volatile relationship with his wife. The film is intended to show Napoleon’s relentless ambition and astonishing strategic wit, culminating in the war visionary and military leader whom history remembers. Besides the personal details of his life, Musette will also represent his most famous battles.


This is yet another movie Scott is releasing, as he has already released the mighty medieval drama The last duel, which also features Comer in addition to Matt damon and Adam Pilot, as well as the next Gucci House, with Driver and Lady Gaga. Scott is also set to appear in upcoming TV adaptations of his Extraterrestrial and Blade runner franchises, revealing in that same interview that pilot scripts had been written. Extraterrestrial is about to release on FX with Noh hawley showrunning.

No release date has been set for Musette currently, but for more on this movie as it develops, stay tuned to Collider.

Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator

Joaquin Phoenix and Ridley Scott’s Napoleon movie hits Apple, sets 2022 start date

The director will be 84 when this project hits the cameras, and he has no plans to slow down.

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