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In this edition, discover all the Easter eggs and callbacks from the premiere of the fifth season of Rick and morty. Plus, see what the stuntmen think about the action sequences of Shanghai Knights and Walker, Texas Ranger. And finally, see what The bird cage and the star of the lion king Nathan Way chooses when he walks into the Criterion Collection movies closet.

First, ScreenCrush combed through the season five premiere of Rick and morty and collected nearly five dozen Easter eggs and callbacks of characters and details from previous seasons. There are references to Rick’s ex-wife Diane, torn old men and little background details that enrich the story of a medieval society that comes to be built around their hatred of Morty.

Then, Corridor Crew brings in stuntmen Malay Kim and Gui DaSilva to examine some stunts in Western influenced action sequences from Shanghai Knights and the original Walker, Texas Ranger. The gang also looks into some awesome fights from Iron fist, and take a look at some of the work they’ve done on some fun, action-packed videos for their own YouTube channels.

To finish, The bird cage Broadway star and sensation Nathan Lane walks through the Criterion Collection closet to pick out some classics to take home. Even though he says it’s too easy to make jokes about being in the closet, he makes two jokes immediately after pledging not to. But we love Nathan Lane, so we don’t care, and it’s wonderful to hear him talk about some of his Criterion favorites.

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