Rhodes on our warm ancestral home, Nostradamus’ prediction of war and the harsh history of Ukrainian warriors

The sweetness of the hearth

Oxford scientists have traced the roots of “a vast family tree” to a sun-scorched corner of Sudan that could be the ancestral home of everyone living today, including you and me. Maybe that’s why England is so cold.

As Vladimir Putin wages his war against “genocide” by launching missiles into apartment buildings, it’s a very good time to bury the bad news. Glued to TV and fascinated by the conflict in Ukraine, I was suddenly surprised by an email from E.ON telling me that my electricity next year would go up by £615.23. Ouch.

According to some reports. Vladimir Putin is ready to accept thousands of victims in his mad invasion of Ukraine. The Ukrainians will be happy to help him reach this figure. A nation is shaped by its history and the history of Ukraine, especially during World War II, was bloody and brutal and fought without any rules. Around six million people perished under Nazi occupation and hundreds of thousands fought back in partisan units.

The Ukrainians have not forgotten their war. Many of the men between the ages of 18 and 60 who flock to the colors today are tough guys. You would probably find some of them diamonds in the rough and their politics a little right wing, but they love their country, believe in God, hate their invaders and are armed to the teeth. Only a madman would invade such a country. And that’s the problem.

No sooner had the filming started than a few hacks started looking for proof of a prediction by Nostradamus. The medieval French astrologer produced a number of predictions 500 years ago that are so vague they can be used to forecast almost any event. The line seized at that time as a forecast that the Ukrainian conflict will reach France is as follows: “The blue head will hurt the white head to such an extent, As the good of France for both will always be more raised.” Well, that might be a dazzling vision from half a millennium ago. Or it could be a snooker match.

Ukraine, with its endless meadows of rolling corn, is Europe’s breadbasket. Tip for UK farmers: Start growing wheat.

Also on farms, the government’s latest package for farmers in England will reward them for providing the type of habitat in which creatures such as voles can thrive. Has anyone explained this policy to the cats on the farm?

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