Review: ‘Goblin’ The Graphic Novel and ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Game


Leprechaun. Author: Eric Grissom Illustrator: Will Perkins Cover artist: Will Perkins

Rikt is a young goblin with high aspirations. He wants to become a renowned fighter, able to stand his ground and defend him against all the races that have pushed the goblins to the ends of their world.

His parents are very good at making gold and believed that by keeping a low profile they would be safe. However, soon a human will come, bringing with him hatred, destruction, and death, and leaving young Rikt orphaned.

What this young aspiring warrior is looking for now is revenge. For this, he will find unlikely allies among the fairies, a wolf and other creatures who will help him unlock the secret power hidden in the heart of the First Tree. Of course, he’ll encounter some major obstacles along the way, and many, many creatures are bigger than him.

Will Rikt survive the trials that await him on his perilous journey to the First Tree? And is Rikt really prepared for what he might find there?

The story is linked to a Dungeons & Dragons Game. After defining the characters of this fantastic graphic novel, you are subsequently invited to enter the world of this tabletop game, with this premise:

A child has disappeared from the city of Ara and his mother suspects the Black Sisterhood, a legendary clan of witches that inhabit the area. The city guard refused to uphold their theory, so instead they enlisted the help of adventurers.

You can discover the game in this link.

‘Goblin’ is on sale since 08 June 2021

Release Date: June 8, 2021
Format: graphic novel
Genre: Fantasy adventure
Age: 10-14, grade 5-9 (but really anyone above that)
ISBN-10: 1506724728
ISBN-13: 978-1506724720
Pages: 184
Publisher: Dark Horse Books
Price: $ 14.99

Image presented by Will Perkins, all images are owned by Dark Horse Comics

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