Ranking Oklahoma State Football Uniforms – Pt. 2

Last week, I ranked Oklahoma State’s football uniforms for the 2021-2022 season from 8 to 14. Today, I’ll wrap up the list by ranking the best of the rest from 1 to 7.

Again, feel free to debate my rankings in the comments. Let me know your favorite yarns the Pokes have worn this season or tell me how wrong I am.

7. Orange Script/White/Orange – West Virginia

OSU brought back the orange scripts after launching them in Waco last season to my and everyone else’s approval. They paired them with the white jersey and orange pants again in a 24-3 win over the Mountaineers, making the Pokes 2-0 in uniform. The whole uniform works so well together, especially the orange helmet with the matching pants, to create a look that I hope will become a staple in the future. My only complaint is that the black numbers on the jersey clash with the orange of the rest of the uni. If OSU came out with a white jersey with orange numbers, I think that would turn this combo into an elite uniform and probably bump it up a few spots on this list.

6. Black/White/Orange – Boise State

If you asked me what the “default” OSU away uniform was, I would say this classic look. This uniform combo has been worn once a year since 2011, becoming a mainstay for the Pokes. It’s simple yet effective, with the matte black helmet sporting the orange “OSU” sticker packed with the white away jersey and orange pants, making for a solid uniform that always looked so clean. I wouldn’t recommend wearing them on a blue pitch (although nothing but blue looks good on that pitch, let’s be honest), nonetheless, these will always be some of my favorite away uniforms.

5. Black/White/Orange Script – Notre Dame

Buoyed by the positive reception of an upcoming helmet on this list, Oklahoma State entered bowl season with one of the most stylish helmets the Cowboys have ever worn. A new version of my No. 6 uniform, Equipment Manager Wes Edwards opted this time for a black script helmet with an orange face shield rather than black. The result was like a Renaissance-era masterpiece and the perfect look to stage the biggest comeback in program history. Pitching the traditional, pretentious uniforms of Notre Dame against the sleek, modern sons of Oklahoma State created an incredible game that was further enhanced as Mike Gundy told the nation we had a logo too.

4. Orange/Orange/White – Baylor (Big 12 Championship)

This The uniform was not a fan favorite for the Cowboys this season, citing that it looked like Clemson was playing for the Big 12 Championship or that they should have worn another “Cursive Cowboys” helmet. Personally, I think this is one of the best uniform combinations in OSU. The helmet is one of my favorites, with the white “OSU” decal and white stripe on a bright orange dome that goes great with the orange jersey and white pants. The outcome of the game may not have been what Pokes fans wanted, but this uni at least made OSU cool to watch on one of college football’s biggest stages. I’m definitely in favor of bringing this look back, especially with the helmet that comes with it.

3. Black/Orange/White Back – Kansas

Oklahoma State always has something up its sleeve when it comes to Homecoming games. The gear staff kept the tradition of wearing throwback uniforms with this simple look that pushes all the right buttons for me. The helmets pay homage to Oklahoma State teams of the 1960s, featuring white numbers on the side of a matte black helmet with an orange stripe on top. This is one of the very few times that OSU rocks a home uniform with a tricolor jumpsuit, something I wouldn’t hesitate to change in the future, especially that specific color pattern. The whole uniform comes together really well and I’m a sucker for any throwback, and in this case the 60s helmet makes it even better.

2. Black/Orange/Black – Baylor

Just as the black/white/orange combo is the “default” away uniform in my eyes, the tried-and-tested black/orange/black look would be considered the default home wires. With the black “OSU” helmet, the orange jersey and the black stockings, this uniform looks so good every time it hits the football field. It personifies Oklahoma State football perhaps more than any other combination the Pokes have ever worn. That, and the Cowboys always seem to win in them. What more can i say? He has been a mainstay for over a decade and will continue to be so long into the future of OSU football.

1. Black/Black/Orange Script – Bedlam

The highest-ranked Bedlam since 2015 saw OSU don one of the best uniforms in program history, exemplified by the first iteration of the “Cursive Cowboys” black helmets. Oklahoma State debuted these beauties with a black mask after the positive reception of the other two script helmets. The white and orange stripe that runs across the top of the headset was the icing on the cake for a headset well-deserved to be shown to millions of people on ESPN’s prime-time slot. Pokes fans loved it so much that an end-of-season poll conducted by the official OSU Twitter account resulted in these bad boys being voted fan favorite helmet of the year. As for the rest of the uniform, the black jerseys and orange pants work perfectly with the helmet, merging easily with the No. 1 uniform worn by Oklahoma State this season.

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