Rachel Bloom joins the second season of Julia

Rachel Bloom joins the second season of Julia

Rachel Bloom
Photo: Amy Susan (Getty Images)

The term “rebirth” is often used…maybe too often—as far as the actors go, but doesn’t a Rachel Bloom revival sound particularly delicious? Even among TV writers, few creators could make something as funny, clever, and technically complicated as Crazy ex-girlfriendmusical comedy. That alone secured his legacy, but luckily for the rest of us, Bloom’s been on a hot new streak lately.

Her most recent role is a recurring role on HBO Max’s second season. Juliaby Variety. Bloom will play Elaine Levitch, “a dynamo who comes to WGBH via CBS to work with Julia on ‘The French Chef’.” Sarah Lancashire plays the chef herself, leading a cast that includes David Hyde Pierce, Bebe Neuwirth, Brittany Bradford, Fran Kranz and Fiona Glascott.

The period drama lends a unique texture to the post-CXGF career, which includes writing a book (I want to be where normal people are), guest in an episode of iCarly, and in Steven Levitan’s new series To restartin which she appropriately plays a TV comedy writer.

Next up is a return home to The CW where she will produce another period drama, The Hatpin Company, about “a legion of suffragists who fight for equality by day and vigilante justice by night”. The series would be supposed enter a new era for the network, which is trying to shed its teenage image. Bloom was also develop a spy comedy Badass (and his sister)in which she will play both roles, alongside her CXGF partner Aline Brosh McKenna for Hulu. Without forgetting that she is working on The nanny musical!

Plus there’s his live show Rachel Bloom tries out her new special and let’s see what happens, that she is performing in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles this summer. Obviously, Bloom won’t rest until the stans are properly fed – at which point she joins Julia Child’s kitchen.

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