Puzzle & Dragons is getting a massive update on Nintendo Switch


GungHo Online Entertainment has released a brand new update to the Nintendo Switch edition of Puzzle with a ton of content. In some ways, this update essentially takes the game to the level that other players are experiencing it through mobile. In other ways, it also gives it a different identity and feel, so this release feels like a different kind of experience if you decide to get it on Switch. In any case, we have the complete list of updates added to the game below as they are available when you update the game.

Credit: GungHo Online Entertainment
  • Achievements have been added to Puzzle, and players can win a free egg machine draw to win them. Achievements can be obtained by: playing matches with new friends, clearing nightmarish dungeons, playing a certain number of permanent world matches, clearing all downloaded dungeons, and more.
  • Nightmarish Dungeonsmore difficult dungeons for more experienced dungeon fighters, can be unlocked by completing Quest Dungeon 15: A Gap in Space-Time.
  • Players who clear “Magisa Plateau” in Quest mode will unlock the assist feature. After a PvP match, players can hire opponents as assistants to fight alongside them. Hired helpers can be used in Quest and Custom modes.
  • Players can now use certain acquired teams in Permanent World Matches and Friend Matches.
  • The ranking ceiling has been increased to 120, allowing players to develop their skills even further.
  • Dungeon Plaza’s extended expiration dates mean that downloaded dungeons will now last around a year before being deleted.
  • New egg machines: “Heroine Egg Machine 2”, “Dot Egg Machine”, “Dragon & Legendary Hero”, and “Pixel Egg Machine” have been added.
  • left-handed game has been added, and when selected, optimizes the battle screen for left-handed players.
  • Other bug fixes and game improvements have been made.
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