Puzzle & Dragons collaboration The Fist of the North Star brings new events and rewards

Players will need to hone their Hokuto Shinken abilities as warriors from The Fist of the North Star return to Puzzle & Dragons Dungeons in the latest collaboration. As part of GungHo Online Entertainment’s new popular mobile partnership puzzle game, players will be able to punch opponents where it hurts to defeat event-exclusive dungeons and defend the helpless.

Two Egg Machines, the 5 Magic Stones, will be accessible for a short time to honor Kenshiro and his campaign to defend the defenseless. Egg machines are named after the Fist of the North Star and the Fist of the North Star Memorial Egg Machine. The Fist of the North Star Memorial Egg Machine is offering a free draw to players who log in during the event. You have the option of enlisting valiant fighters like Raoh and Kaioh or villains like Kenshiro, Bat and Lin.

Fight for the Innocent in event-exclusive dungeons to win prizes

Take a stand and defend the truth in dungeons that are only available during the event and will reap great rewards.

  • Fist of the North Star gives players the chance to earn rewards such as magic stones and other collaboration characters that are not available in the Fist of the North Star Egg Machine.
  • North Star Challenge Fist! gives players first-time bonuses, including a hit from the Fist of the North Star Memorial egg machine for clearing the dungeon.
  • Dungeon Fist of the North Star Skill Upgrade Select Fist of the North Star character skills as players challenge the dungeon with the same characters as the enemies that appear in the dungeon.

Recruit characters to increase your Force

Characters like Kenshiro and Raoh DeviDRA can be acquired by trading on Monster Exchange. Additionally, Rin will be offered in the Monster Buy Shop. You need partners to fight alongside you to fight off the gangs lurking in the fallout zone:

  • 20 Magic Stones and ★6+ Fist of the North Star Egg Machine: Grants 20 Magic Stones and a Draw of the ★6+ Fist of the North Star Egg Machine for US$19.99. Players are guaranteed to have a ★6 or ★7 rarity character.
  • 1 Magic Stone Egg Machine and Fist of the North Star: Grants a magic stone and a draw of the Fist of the North Star egg machine for 0.99 USD.

The Puzzle & Dragons mobile game craze, which combines puzzle, dungeon crawling and monster collecting gameplay, is still experiencing explosive growth. Thousands of elemental monsters can be captured, collected and evolved in the game, and players can use quick thinking to improve their monsters’ skills and powers by chaining together combos.

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