Prisons warn of fraudsters during lockdown


The Ugandan Prison Service (UPS) has warned the public against fraudsters who lure unsuspecting relatives of prisoners by promising to help them.

UPS spokesperson Frank Baine said they were told that some unscrupulous people had started contacting relatives of prisoners demanding mobile money to free the bodies of their people who are believed to have died in jail.

“The public must remain informed. UPS does not work with mobile money and does not ask for money to release a body. We always call the police to pick up the dead and take the bodies preferably to a government morgue and relatives are always contacted, ”Baine noted.

“So if they call you and you send somebody mobile money to give you the body of your loved one; you would have donated to these scammers. It will not be our problem. At least we warned you, ”he noted.

UPS COVID-19 situation
Baine said UPS had recorded 1,312 cases of COVID-19, including 1,175 prisoners, 106 staff and 30 relatives of prisoners.

He said only one death was recorded. He also urged the public to be more vigilant and follow presidential guidelines to prevent the spread of the pandemic. “At least every Ugandan has seen that this pandemic is real and deadly.

I just want to urge people to follow presidential guidelines and standard operating procedures (SOPs). Please always wear your masks, wash and sanitize your hands, and respect social distancing. Stay home if you have no serious reason to move, ”Baine noted.

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