Prisons in a pandemic are nothing to sneeze at


While there might not be any wacky questions – there are certainly wacky answers, and anyone who thought prison building was the way to curb COVID-19 must be given a gold-plated donkey cap. In other words, Alabama is back.

Cotton state lawmakers are trying to divert some $ 400 million in US bailout funds to building three new prisons that could hold around 4,000 inmates. Not everyone is happy with it.

“Shay Farley of the SPLC Action Fund pointed out that small businesses and healthcare facilities in Alabama continue to face urgent funding needs due to the pandemic. “That means $ 400 million less to help small businesses, fund overburdened rural health facilities, provide schools with much-needed personal protective equipment, and more.”

I think Farley is right, especially since Alabama currently has the highest COVID death rate in the country. It’s one of those moments that really brings home the idea that racism is its own pandemic – how else would you explain a state relying on the 13th amendment rather than tackling the coughs and sneezes that kill grandma and grandpa?

Continue to wear masks and try to avoid committing state or federal crimes, as it’s really hard to socially distance yourself in a jail cell.

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