Princeton University Imposes Strict New COVID Testing Mandate

Students returning to Princeton University campus after the Thanksgiving vacation will face much more stringent COVID-19 testing requirements.

University officials have shifted the risk of transmission on campus from “moderate” to “high.” Princeton’s COVID-19 dashboard lists the number of cases on campus, dropping from six for the week ending 11/19 to 21 for the week ending 11/26.

All undergraduates will now be required to take a COVID test twice a week, regardless of their vaccination status. Graduating students are still only allowed to test once a week, if they are fully vaccinated.

Undergraduates will now be tested twice a week, regardless of their immunization status. Graduate students who are fully immunized will continue to take the test once a week, and those who are not fully immunized should take the test twice a week. – Princeton University

The rules are even stricter for student athletes. Any student participating in group practices and competitions must submit test results three times per week.

Princeton is also cutting back on many festivals and student gatherings that are popular during the holidays, including off-campus events. Dining classes and clubs, WinterFest and Skate Night at Baker Rink.

Face coverings are also required in all indoor locations, including classrooms, mess rooms, and other gathering places, regardless of immunization status.

Princeton is one of more than a dozen colleges and universities in New Jersey that require students to be fully immunized to attend classes on campus, but their testing policy is among the strictest in the state.

The university recommends that all staff and students receive a booster dose of the COVID vaccine, but has not made it a requirement.

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