Netflix Announces Masters Of The Universe Live-Action Movie

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Screenshot: Masters of the Universe (1987)

OWe seem to live in a He-Man Renaissancewith two anime series currently streaming on Netflix—Masters of the Universe: Revelation and Muscleman and the masters of the universe– and now it looks like a live-action movie is finally on its way to the studio with Kyle Allen as He-Man.

The new live iteration of mastery is set to be directed by the Nee Brothers from a script they wrote alongside David Callaham. Callaham seems like an ideal choice as he is well versed in geek properties, action properties, and nostalgia properties after writing the original. Consumables as well as those of 2014 Godzilla, Wonder Woman 1984, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Ringsas good as Jean-Claude Van Johnson TV shows.

The Nee Brothers are Renaissance men with acting, writing, hosting and directing credits to their name; they are currently in post-production on The lost city which is absolutely not inspired by Romanticize the stone… Not the least.

the masters of the universe The universe is blurry like Beast Man when it comes to what’s canon and what’s not. The original action figures unleashed on toy store shelves in 1981 depicted He-Man as a wandering barbarian while the 1983 cartoon series made him the alter-ego of Prince Adam of Eternia. The 1987 film draws some inspiration from comics and cartoons and introduces new characters such as Gwildor, a Thenorian locksmith, and Blade, a sword-wielding henchman of Skeletor and like Jason, Pinhead and the Leprechaun, they even sent him outside. space in The New Adventures of He-Man.

With two TV series already in the works, it will be interesting to see where the filmmakers take He-Man this time around. Generally, the mythology of the original anime – we mean series-is the agreed upon canon, but at a time when severalThe verses are all the rage, maybe audiences will get the return of James Tolkan’s Detective Lubic or the lizard-man Saurod. One thing is certain, some ding-dong will be inconsolable.

the anime Muscleman and the masters of the universe will debut its second season on Netflix in 2022 while the live-action film is listed as being in pre-production.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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