MU ORIGIN 2 Adds New Order Realm, Elemental Battle, Mount Resurrection, and More in Latest Update

The latest update 6.2 for MU ORIGIN 2 is now available with Abyss Season 37 content.

WEBZEN, a global developer and publisher of PC and mobile games, has announced a new 6.2 update for its MU ORIGIN 2 mobile MMORPG.

Starting today, MU ORIGIN 2 welcomes Abyss Season 37 with the latest update featuring a new event dungeon called “Order Realm” which allows players to enter Order Realm once per day. . To destroy monsters and get exclusive rewards, players can play this dungeon solo or find a party to get buff effects.

This update also features a new raid called “Elemental Battle” where players can compete with all players to climb the Elemental Battle floors and recover the Elemental Treasures that have been found in the Abyss. Elemental Battle will be available every Sunday at 4:00 PM (Server Time) during the Abyss Season.

Mount Resurrection is another new addition, which will allow players to gain bonus properties and the chance to continue upgrading their trusted mount.

With this update, players can also acquire new Soul Spear Shards and combine them to get spears with various elemental options.

New Guild Guardian content has been added to the game, where players will be able to upgrade their Guild Guardians for powerful protective properties.

In addition to the above features, Trial of the Coliseum, Refine purpose, fixes and adjustments are now available in update 6.2.

MU ORIGIN 2 is available on the Google Play and App Store in English, Portuguese and Spanish. To learn more about MU ORIGIN 2, players can visit the official website: and participate in the latest events and giveaways on the official Facebook page:


MU ORIGIN 2 is a mobile MMORPG game and is the second spin-off of the classic Korean MMORPG ‘MU Online’ developed by Webzen. MU ORIGIN 2 offers gamers a new MU experience that includes all of the classic MU gameplay and elements on the mobile device. Players can choose from 5 distinct classes – Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, Elf, Holy Mage and Magic Gladiator – with a huge selection of quests, dungeons, modes, pets, items and much more to discover and unlock. You can find more information about MU ORIGIN 2 on:

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WEBZEN Inc. is a global developer and publisher of a variety of PC and mobile games such as MU Origin 2, MU Origin, MU Archange, MU Online, Shot Online, Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9), the Metin series and a range of games exciting titles listed for release in the global games market. WEBZEN extended its publishing services to Europe, North and South America and other countries by operating its global gaming portal “”, which hosts 60 million players worldwide. WEBZEN also leads the expansion of IP (intellectual property) franchise activities and collaborations with a wide range of creative partners. More information on Webzen and its games are available on:

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