Mount Gulg Dungeon Guide & Walkthrough

Mt. Gulg is a level 79 dungeon in Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers, and the fifth dungeon in the expansion’s main story. After creating the massive Talos in Kholusia and forming a bridge to the top of the mountain where Vauthry is hiding, the final battle against the Lightwardens draws near.

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Mt. Gulg is teeming with Sin Eaters, so you’ll need to be on top of your game if you want to get through this dungeon. Let’s take a look at each boss you’ll find in Mt. Gulg, their attacks and mechanics, and how to beat them.

How to Unlock Mount Gulg

Mt. Gulg is unlocked through the following quest.

  • Accept Main Scenario Quest “Turn Off the Last Light”
    • NPC location: Chai Nuzz – Khulusia (X:18.6, Y:17.7)

Dungeon Walkthrough

Mt. Gulg can be attempted using the Trust system, which will allow you to enter the dungeon with three Scions of your choice. Although considerably slower than other players, Trusts are useful in helping you learn the mechanics of the dungeon. They will move to safe places and give calls to dangerous mechanics, which can be useful when first passing through the dungeon.

Later in the dungeon, you will encounter the Rejoicings forgiven mini boss. This enemy will raise their left or right hand in preparation for a big attack on that side of the arena. Move accordingly to avoid taking damage. Additionally, white orbs around the arena will periodically fire line AoEs at party members that need to be dodged.

Forgiven cruelty

cruelty forgiven, first boss of mount gulg dungeon

The first boss in Mt. Gulg is Forgiven Cruelty. Vauthry’s sin-eating fart will be the first challenge of this dungeon, whose attacks and mechanics are detailed below.

  • Rake: Inflicts heavy damage to the Tank. Use defensive abilities to mitigate damage from this attack.
  • Infinite lumens: Forgiven Cruelty will fly through the air and target a random player. Then the boss will fire a beam in the direction of the targeted player, dealing massive damage in a line. When the boss soars through the air, move away from his forehead to avoid this attack.
  • Typhoon Wing: The boss will fly in the air and create wind spheres in a pattern immediately under the boss. When the boss lands, the wind spheres are triggered, dealing damage in a conical shape opposite the boss. Position yourself between the spheres to avoid being hit.
    • Orbs: Later in the fight, when the boss launches Typhoon Wing, additional wind orbs will spawn around the arena, including directly under the boss. These will explode in a large circular AoE at the same time as the headwind spheres, so you will have to position yourself between the two sets of AoE to avoid being hit.
  • Cyclone Wing: Inflicts damage on all party members. Use AoE heals to recover.

Forgiven Cruelty will repeat these attacks until defeated. Later uses of Typhoon Wing may take some getting used to, so try to play with caution during this attack.

Forgiven fantasy

fantasy forgiven, second boss of mount gulg dungeon

The second boss in Mt. Gulg is Forgiven Whimsy, who takes on the appearance of a Rubix Cube eating sin. You may notice that the arena has a similar appearance, which will be used throughout the fight. Forgiven Whimsy’s attacks and mechanics are listed below.

  • sacrament of penance: Inflicts damage on all party members. Recover quickly with AoE healing.
  • Exegesis: Forgiven Whimsy will use this attack throughout the fight. The boss will change shape, move its faces around the cube before choosing a model. Then, after a while, the arena squares that match a face of the boss will take damage. You will need to observe the pattern on the boss, determine which squares will be attacked, and move accordingly to deal with that attack. There are several different forms the boss can take, so be careful.
    • Orbs: Later in the fight, white orbs will also appear on the arena during the exegesis. These will throw large ring-shaped AoEs, further limiting the safe zone during the attack. Avoid the orb’s AoE attack while moving to the safe spot outside of Exegesis.
  • Catechism: Inflicts damage to the Tank. Use defensive cooldowns to mitigate.
  • Judgment Day: The boss will call two meteors into the arena. At least one player must stand below the AoE area of ​​the meteor to absorb the damage from it, otherwise the meteor will explode and deal heavy damage to all party members. Make sure two players run under the meteors when they spawn.

Forgiven Whimsy will repeat these attacks until he is defeated. Exegesis can be hard to get used to, but after a few uses of the attack, you should be able to get used to it. After defeating Forgiven Whimsy, only one boss remains.

Obscenity forgiven

obscenity forgiven, final boss of mount gulg dungeon

The final boss in Mt. Gulg is Forgiven Obscenity. This enemy will use a variety of AoE attacks, so get ready to move. Below are each of the boss’ attacks and mechanics.

  • Orison Fortissimo: Inflicts damage on all party members. Heal if necessary.
  • Divine Diminuendo: Creates a point-blank AoE around the boss. Move away from Forgiven Obscenity to avoid.
    • Blessing of Vauthry: Vauthry will grant his blessing to the boss, adding a mechanic to Divine Diminuendo. Now as soon as the point-blank AoE explodes, a second ring-shaped AoE will also explode. There will be a small safe zone between point-blank AoE and ring AoE, so try to stay just outside the area of ​​effect at close range to avoid both of these attacks.
  • Conviction Marcato: Forgiven Obscenity will begin charging an attack that strike in five directions; a AoE line on his forehead, and Four-line AoE to its intercardinal directions. These AoEs will be indicated by golden circles that appear around the boss. Move away from the area the circles face to avoid this attack.
  • Penance Pianissimo: The boss will cover the edges of the arena with an AoE puddle, limiting the safe area to a circle.

obscenity using a feathered puppet to create clones of herself
  • feather puppet: Forgiven Obscenity will summon four clones around the arena that repeat AoE attacks. Keep in mind that true forgiven obscenity will always have Blessing of Vauthry for this attack, indicated by the luminous halo on the boss. Forgiven Obscenity and its clones will use the next two attacks before the clones disappear.
    • Diminuendo Divine Clone: The five clones will inflict damage in a AoE at close range around them. The boss clone that has Vauthry’s Blessing will have the additional ring AoE from before, which must be avoided in the same way. Get close to the clone with Vauthry’s Blessing (but not too close) to avoid those AoEs.
    • Clone Conviction Marcato: The five clones will inflict damage in line AoEs at their intercardinal directions. Stand to the left, right, front or back of the clone in the center of the arena to avoid these AoEs.
  • Solitaire ring: Forgiven Obscenity will move to the top of the arena before summoning six glowing orbs at the edge. Then she will place a ring in front of each orb at varying distances. The orbs will then move slowly around the arena, and when they reach a ring, will explode in line AoE. Move past the ring that is furthest from its orb to avoid the first orbs, then move into the previously dangerous area to avoid the rest.
  • Sacrament Sforzando: Inflicts significant damage in line towards the Tank. Use defensive cooldowns and keep the boss away from the rest of the party for this attack.

Forgiven Obscenity will repeat these attacks until defeated. There’s a lot to follow during this fight, but if you play it safe, you should be able to defeat her.

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