Minecraft Player Shows A Beautiful Dark Void Themed Bridge


A Minecraft player shows off his small-scale experimental creative version of a beautiful dark vacuum-themed bridge via Reddit.

In Minecraft Creative mode, an experienced player has created a gothic bridge over an amethyst void, and the effect is impressive when seen in action. With Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Part II Update coming later this year, players are looking for new and inventive ways to use what they already have access to. The first half of the update released new items and monsters, but many of them can be hard to find in randomly generated worlds. The second half of the update will rework the generation of global seeds and introduce all-new biomes.

By building on a smaller scale first, Minecraft builders innovate their techniques for larger and more complex constructions later. It’s not as often that players show these smaller-scale tests before they create the final masterpiece for the internet, but every once in a while the creators seek feedback from other players first. Medieval castles, roller coasters, scenes from blockbusters, real locations that break the Fourth Wall, fully functional Redstone calculators – the sky is the limit in Minecraft.

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Today’s version was featured by XxChawskixX in a short clip on Reddit Minecraft subreddit. The player first hovered around the Gothic bridge, then landed before approaching to highlight the amethyst-hued void. In a comment, XxChawskixX explained that “the alternation of glass blocks with air gaps creates a fading effect which can result in some pretty cool constructions“, probably in response to the many reviewers asking how they got the effect. XxChawskixX added that this version was just the beginning, kind of a test as they experimented before creating a larger bridge and void combo. ladder.

This void effect could add an otherworldly feel to players’ fantastic builds, or even as an alternative to a real-world location. Minecraft built. A few players suggest that a texture pack like Optifine might increase the Void Fading effect, making it seem like an endless purple abyss exists below the bridge. It’s probably a nod to a combination of the End and the Nether, as there’s only darkness beneath the moon cheese of the End Dragon’s house and another crimson void when looking at it. in the Nether Portal. For those looking for voids of different hues, the poster says to look no further than the glass alternating around the air spaces. This means that this effect could easily be replicated with all glass variants in the game, and XxChawskixX added that using green glass could look like “like a poisonous gas. “

This is only the prototype, so what comes later is likely to be even more unique in appearance. Whether XxChawskixX sticks to purple or changes to another color is purely speculative, but it would be interesting to see the same effect in a combination of colors. Glass has been used in some of the more notable versions of the game (a recent example being a giant Minecraft oceanic base), and we do not know how far the builders will push this technique in the future.

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Source: XxChawskixX / Reddit

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