Minecraft Nerf Guns brings the Block Raider’s Crossbow to life

A line of Minecraft Nerf pistols brings the Block Raider’s Crossbow and Minecraft Dungeons Stormlander to life in a new collaboration.

Hasbro recently announced a new line of Minecraft The NERF pistols that bring the Pillager’s Crossbow and Stormlander weapon from Minecraft dungeons to live. Despite its lifespan of more than ten years, Minecraft is still massively popular. Minecraft players continue to populate the world and let their imaginations run wild, with exciting new versions appearing all the time. And with the eagerly awaited Caves & Cliffs Part 2 Update Coming out soon, Mojang’s sandbox will likely attract a larger audience as the holiday season approaches. But plans for intellectual property don’t stop with the virtual world, as new partnerships bring it to life.


The NERF brand is no stranger to video game-based partnerships, having collaborated with various IPs to bring virtual weapons to the real world. NERF published a line of Fortnite Nerf guns including the Heavy Sniper Rifle, B-AR, and Shotgun, among others. The brand also released the NERF Monitoring Reaper blaster and Monitoring Soldier: 76 Nerf Rival Blaster for fans of Blizzard’s competitive FPS. A more recent partnership between Hasbro and Halo has the company that sells the famous Halo Needler as a NERF weapon, which will be released in the United States next year. And last year Hasbro released a NERF assault rifle from Infinite halo which included a DLC code for the game. Now Hasbro is teaming up with another popular video game IP address that brings the 2D virtual sandbox to life.

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The Hasbro and Minecraft partnership brings the pillager’s crossbow that breaks the blocks and Minecraft dungeons Stormlander weapon to life. The brand new range of Minecraft Nerf Guns are now available for purchase from the Walmart website starting today, November 22. Hasbro also unveiled a new lineup of Nerf MicroShots including the Minecraft Ender Dragon, Minecraft Ghast, and Minecraft Guardian mobs. The range of MicroShots is available for pre-order on the Walmart website with others Minecraft Nerf guns. Speaking of Hasbro Minecraft collaboration, Adam Kleinman, CEO of NERF, said in a statement that “Minecraft inspires and values ​​creative and imaginative play, just like the NERF brand, and we can’t wait for fans around the world to get their hands on this exciting collaboration.. “

Minecraft Nerf pistols include Pillager's Crossbow and Minecraft Dungeons Stormlander

Like Hasbro Fortnite NERF pistols, its range of Minecraft NERF pistols are certainly interesting. The Pillager’s Crossbow is a basic ranged weapon in Minecraft and is brandished by the dangerous mobs of looters. Players can get the crossbow by defeating Raiders, although the crowd poses a unique challenge. Minecraft dungeonsThe Stormlander weapon is a unique item obtainable in the top-down dungeon crawler and it gives the wearer the ability to fire lightning bolts at their opponents. The Stormlander is based on the mighty Thor and offers a huge advantage over pesky mobs. Both weapons fit well in a NERF blaster, as does the new NERF MicroShots line-up which includes some of the most powerful mobs in the world. Minecraft.

The partnership between Hasbro and Minecraft certainly comes at the right time, especially with the Caves & Cliffs Part 2 Update at the street corner. The holiday season is also fast approaching and the NERF is offering friends Minecraft fans another gift idea.

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Minecraft is available on all platforms.

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