Medieval Dynasty: Update introduces randomization of locations and items on the map


Medieval dynasty has been updated to version Some of its highlights include the introduction of randomization on the number of items that can be acquired and new random locations on the map. It also adds support for Razer’s Chroma lighting system.

Quest tracking has been improved as it now tracks your active quests and the current chapter.

Some graphics settings have also been added including a brightness slider and the ability to turn shadows on or off in-game. The latter is good as it can help improve performance, especially on modest PCs.

For bug fixes, blood from runaway or bloodied animals should now appear correctly. Villagers who apparently forgot to light campfires will now do so. Addressed a critical issue where the game is not interrupted on death, which could result in a timed autosave during the screen of death, has been addressed.

Those who don’t want to complete the cutscenes will be happy to know that they can now skip them after two seconds.

Highlights of the fixes



  • Blood does not reproduce properly because of fleeing and bleeding animals

  • Villagers do not light campfires

  • Hot-blooded achievement does not work properly when saving

  • The builder’s hut is not visible in the Technology tab

  • Save issue preventing the player from saving the game during the same session if the player deleted the current save and then started a new game

  • Washing interaction is no longer faster when holding a hammer


  • Render optimizations

  • Optimization of some systems

  • The quest to pay taxes is now marked as a challenge instead of a chapter

  • The house (the largest) now requires 1,500 technologies instead of 7,500

  • If the player has a black screen instead of a cutscene, the cutscene will turn off when the audio ends

  • A chapter objective to build a barn is now moved to the next chapter so the player has free building slots

  • Player responses in dialogue are now with a scroll bar

  • Wild animals will wander more when they are not on the run

  • Improved shadow quality on low settings

Medieval dynasty Update is now available on PC.

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