Man Accused of Child Rape Charged with Harassment, Prisoner Assault | News

Williamsport, Pa. —Dartagnan Heziki Zuback, 20, of Williamsport allegedly told prison officials “what are there a few more charges” after he spat in their faces.

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Zuback was charged with a third-degree felony of prison-aggravated harassment and a second-degree misdemeanor of common assault stemming from two separate incidents inside the prison. Lycoming County Jail authorities said Zuback tied a sheet to the bars of his cell and assaulted a man inside the cell on August 12, 2021.

Prison officials said Nov. 8, 2021, that Zuback spat at a corrections officer from his cell. It was during this incident that Zuback reportedly shrugged off the idea of ​​further charges.

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Zuback was charged for the two incidents on February 2, 2022. He was arraigned by Judge Aaron Biichle and given $75,000 for the crime and another $25,000 bond for the misdemeanor.

Zuback was being held on felony charges that included first-degree rape of a child, lawful sexual assault and bribery of minors.

Role sheet for harassment F3

M2 common assault roll sheet

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