Low Level Helicopter Flight Card Depots near Salmon, Idaho


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The results of geophysical studies in remote areas of eastern Idaho could have an economic impact on Gemstate by identifying where to extract cobalt and other minerals.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) and the University of Idaho (Moscow) state agency, the Idaho Geological Survey (IGS), conduct more than 1,200 square miles of aerial geophysical surveys at the western salmon.

Low-level helicopter flight over Idaho using equipment to detect local magnetic and radiometric features The Cobalt Belt, a rugged mountainous region of National Salmon Forests, aims to learn cobalt and d ‘other quantities. Mineral Resources It is found in ancient rock formations, including copper and rare earth metals.

Claudio Berti, IGS Director and State Geologist, said: “This study provides high resolution geophysical information to add to what we already know about the structure and subterranean form of mineralized rocks.

According to the USGS, cobalt is considered an important mineral by executive order, and the Idaho Cobalt Belt contains the largest untapped resource of cobalt in the United States. The data from this study provide basic information on the elemental composition of rocks. It will support the interpretation of the geological structure of the region and allow a deeper and more innovative understanding of the complex geology of the Salmon region, Berti said. Here is another statement on the economic impact on Gemstate.

The month-long flight in the region will continue until early October, Berti said.

To raise funds for the study, IGS, First Cobalt Corp., New Jersey Mining Company and Idaho’s Revival Gold Inc. Said Berti, an Idaho-based industry and regional economy, in partnership with its subsidiary, Idaho Cobalt Company .

Developed jointly by IGS and USGS as part of Federal Earth Mapping Resource Initiative research. The data will be published.

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Quote: Low altitude helicopter flight acquired from https://phys.org/news/2021-09-low-level-helicopter-flights-mineral-deposits September 23, 2021 Salmon, Idaho (2021) September 23) Mineral Map at nearby depots. html

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