Khap Panchayat orders the girl’s name to be displayed on nameplates in UP’s Meerut



Khap Panchayats, infamous for his extrajudicial decrees, is once again in the news but this time for a positive blow. To promote better education for girls, a panchayat in Khap in the Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh issued an order to display girls’ names on house name plates.

There are reports that the heads of a Khap Panchayat in Meerut have asked the villagers to display the names of their daughters on the name plates placed on the gate or the main entrance of the houses.

Credit goes to the director of Malhu Singh Kanya Inter College, Dr Neera Tomar. The director of the college organized several meetings with the heads of the panchayat of Meerut before the nameplates were changed.

According to the villagers of Meeerut, Neera Tomar during her meetings with the chiefs of panchayat made them understand how girls are successful in all areas and make their parents proud.

Initially, the director of Malhu Singh Kanya Inter College did not get a good response from the panchayat leaders, but at each meeting there was a change of mind. Soon after realizing how girls from various fields compete with boys and even perform better, panchayat leaders also decided to pass an ordinance requiring all parents to display the nameplates of their homes on behalf of of their daughter.

According to another villager, the decision was welcomed by many locals. “This step will change the conservative mindset of people that only a male child in a family can bring a name and fame to the family. A few people still living with medieval mindsets will also have a change of heart. ‘attitude for a girl after seeing other girls making the reputation of their family and their village, “said the villager.

Heads of Khap Panchayat and Neera Tomar will house each student studying at Malhu Singh Kanya Inter College and assess their parents for encouraging their daughter to pursue higher education and ask them to replace the existing nameplates with new ones bearing their names. girls. .

Parents of one daughter said, “Our daughter will surely bring glory to our family and to the village.


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