Joe Manganiello Shows Off Epic Dunbar And Dragons Character Artwork By Max Dunbar


Justice League actor Joe Manganiello showed off some epic illustrations from his most recent Dungeons & Dragons character. Manganiello shared a new piece of art from comic book artist Max Dunbar of his high-level character Akhenaton, a tieffelin variant of Hexblade Warlock. Manganiello has been playing the character for three years and has guided the character through the streets of Waterdeep and the infamous Undermountain mega-dungeon via the adventures. Water depth: dragon break and Deepwater: Dungeon of the Mad Mage.

Manganiello is a famous Dungeons & Dragons fan, having attended countless D&D events both as a fan and as a brand ambassador for the game. In fact, Manganiello attended the Stream of Many Eyes event in 2018 which served to present both Water depth adventures to fans and played in two D&D games during the three-day streaming event. The following year, Wizards of the Coast revealed that Manganiello had written part of the Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus adventure, which made his player character Arkhan the Cruel and several other characters created by Manganiello an official part Dungeons & Dragons cannon. Manganiello’s “Death Saves” streetwear line has several Dungeons & Dragons collaborations too, which features the work of several famous metal cover artists and their interpretations of D&D monsters and characters.

The play’s artist, Max Dunbar, is a well-known concept artist and comic book artist who has illustrated Dungeons & Dragons‘ comics. Dunbar has provided numerous pieces of concept art for various D&D adventures and products and is the lead cover artist for several D&D miniseries written by Jim Zub. Dunbar was also the interior artist for the most recent of the series written by Zub, titled Hell tides. His art is also regularly featured in D&D magazine Dragon +.

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