It’s worth it | ‘Medieval Dynasty’ Gets PS5 and Xbox Series X|S Release Date

Europe in the Early Middle Ages – Nobles and clergy rule and trade between nations brings prosperity as well as envy, mistrust and greed. Military conflicts are everywhere and entire continents are changing.

You are in the role of a poor but skilled hunter and farmer, ready to take his destiny into his own hands. Use the ever-changing landscape to transform your small patch of land into a home, village, and kingdom that will stand the test of time, as you and your descendants create a dynasty to rule for generations to come! Encourage others to live near you and work for you, build your home, a village, and ultimately a thriving city where your dynasty will rule for generations.

Defending against wild animals while hunting for food, gathering resources and crafting gear, building a house and erecting an entire bustling village while raising a family all contribute to unique gameplay across many genres. Harsh winters and unexpected events test your skills and dexterity as you strive to build your own legacy.

You can choose to follow the main chapters, solve the questlines or just wander around and explore the vast medieval world – but be careful as wolves or bears may try to bite you…

Start with the simplest things for your own survival like hunting and farming as well as building a house. Start a family and have an heir – inspire others to live near you and work for you, erect many other buildings to transform your settlement into a vibrant village and ultimately a thriving dynasty that will rule for generations.

A massive open 3D medieval world awaits… Be aware of harsh winters and unexpected events as you hone your skills to grow from medieval survivor to dynasty ruler. Grab your axe, hammer or hunting bow – and shape your legacy!

Can you hear it? In the distance, the blacksmith does his daily work, the fields are plowed by industrious hands and the children frolic in the streets, while you find yourself at the tavern for refreshments and meeting company? The sound is getting louder and louder, and in a few weeks you’ll be booting up your console and be there… live!

You will dive straight into the harsh but beautiful Middle Ages when medieval dynasty was released on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5!

“Finally, the time has come! We will soon be able to offer the long-awaited and highly requested console versions of medieval dynasty to players. We put a lot of heart and energy into the port to bring PC gamers’ gaming enjoyment to next-gen consoles,” says Damian Szymansky, CEO of Render Cube.

“The release of Medieval Dynasty on console is a big step for us as well as for the developers. We want to expand our product portfolio across all platforms and bring our titles to PC and console gamers. Medieval Dynasty is the biggest release on console in the history of the company and we are very proud to continue on the path of success that we have already started with Render Cube”, adds Matthias Wünsche, CEO of Toplitz Productions.

Main characteristics:

  • Beautiful and realistic open-world 3D landscape with state-of-the-art graphics
  • 4 full seasons with day/night cycle and realistic weather conditions
  • Interactive environment with trees to fell, various fruits to pick, stones to pick up, caves to explore and much more
  • Many different buildings with different levels, from hay huts to stone mansions
  • Over 60 pieces of gear to craft, including weapons, tools, furniture, and clothing
  • Realistic wildlife interaction with many different animals such as wolves, boars, deer, rabbits and others
  • All activities have an impact on food, water, health and stamina status
  • Detailed skill tree for the development of each character
  • Comprehensive trading system that allows buying/selling goods across the map
  • Unique events and decisions that directly impact gameplay
  • Dynasty reputation system triggering events with the king
  • Quests, trade and economy, sandbox option, social links with NPCs and much more

Currently available for PC (Steam), medieval dynasty is coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on October 6, 2022.

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