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While Darkest Dungeon 2 retains the spirit and Lovecraftian influence of the original, it’s a fairly different ball game with its own strategy and tactics; nuances. Major changes can be found in exploration, character relationships, and enemy behavior. May this Darkest Dungeon 2 strategy guide be a light that illuminates a path out of the darkness and despair of unspeakable horrors.

Running on a field

Running on a field

The main objective of Darkest Dungeon 2 is to reach a towering mountain visible on the horizon which holds the key to the survival of the world. The player’s party will undertake this journey in a sturdy stagecoach that carries a torch that acts as a literal embodiment of hope. While the diligence maneuver focuses on choosing specific paths to reach your desired destinations or encounters, it is always helpful to control the diligence as you go along.

On a given path, players will notice patches of land that the stagecoach can pass over. These terrain blocks are akin to the original game trinkets and can produce small amounts of useful items. Stagecoach may not be the most agile vehicle, if players maneuver carefully and patiently they can maximize the benefits they get from exploring.

Find watchtowers early

The journey to the Mysterious Mountain is divided into stages defined by various theaters and terrain types like Wooded Tangle, Urban Sprawl or Corrupted Foeter. Each stage begins after players have selected which theater they wish to travel to, after which they will get a partial spotting report of some of the encounters they may face on the map.

Since Darkest Dungeon 2 is all about making the most of a horrific situation, any way to find additional information will make the journey that much easier. One of the most useful places to visit at the start of a stage of travel is the Watchtower. The Watchtower will reveal any hidden encounters players have yet to pass, making it much easier to choose the best path.

Prioritize shrines

Visit the shrine
Visit the shrine

The Watchtower isn’t the only treasured place to visit in Darkest Dungeon 2. All characters start with five basic skills unlocked and the only way to unlock new ones to get new tactical options and loadout choices. is to visit the shrine of reflection.

Shrines of Reflection will provide a brief overview of the chosen character’s history, as well as a mastery point – a resource needed to improve character abilities already available. Indeed, the Sanctuary has a two-for-one advantage: a better understanding of the character and increased tactical flexibility, the latter of which is vital for success in combat.

Actively use objects

Inventory management is a much more important feature in Darkest Dungeon 2, as the stagecoach only has limited space to hold equipment. This actively encourages players to equip themselves with trinkets and to use combat and inn items generously.

Combat items are very useful because they count as a free action if used before activating a character ability, essentially giving the character two actions per turn. Inn items are similar to the original camping items where they are used to heal, recover, and prepare for the upcoming trip. Players will find a wide assortment of items on their journey and there is little reason to hold back.

Keep only the best articles

Staying on the subject of inventory management, it’s almost guaranteed that players will have to contend with excessive clutter and have to empty items. Most item types have multiple levels, which means that once you find an item, say healing, that has a better effect than one of its brethren, there is no reason to keep the least efficient object. This also goes for trinkets, once you get a trinket that is directly better than what you might have, if no other character has space to take the redundant one, feel free to drop the trinket. weaker.

Keep stress low

Wounds from guns can heal, but the damage to the mind is permanent and damages healthy relationships. Stress makes a big comeback in Darkest Dungeon 2, retaining its dangerous effects in combat if players don’t deal with it, while negatively affecting relationships between characters. Higher stress levels will in turn increase the risk of other negative events on the road or in combat. Make sure you keep the stress between zero and three.

An ounce of prevention is a lifeline

Currently, not only is the Plague Doctor one of the best characters at applying Burning Damage Over Time (DoT) effects, but he also has the best stress-handling ability in the game. The ability is called Once. prevention and is the first new plague medic ability unlocked in Sanctuary of Reflection.

The base effect of Oz of Prevention gives all characters in combat additional resistance to the effects of Bleeding, Burning, Sickness, and Burning. By putting a mastery point in this ability, Once of Prevention gains the added effect of reducing stress for all characters by one. This ability has a cooldown, so it’s impossible to spam quickly.

Develop relationships

Develop relationships
Develop relationships

One of the most important new systems introduced in Darkest Dungeon 2 are the relationships between the characters. Each character has an opinion of his comrades and this opinion can be negative or positive. Opinion is directly related to stress levels, so lower stress levels will produce better relationships over time (see guide to stress and relationships).

Positive relationships are extremely beneficial to the survival and success of the group in particular in combat. Characters with an established relationship have the option of acting out of their turn with a free action that can reduce stress, heal health, or even act as a secondary attack. Strong bonds can also help characters reduce stress while traveling.

Lovebird is deceptive

While most positive relationships are generally beneficial, there is one relationship that is deceptively troublesome – Inseparable. This relationship will certainly cause occasional combat stress reduction events; However, Inseparable is also secretly a jealous relationship where a character may be upset that their partner activates an ability on someone else except themselves.

Such a random occurrence can be extremely fatal if it activates at the wrong time. It may be wise to find a way to force inseparable relationships to break up specifically to try and roll for another positive relationship. Alternatively, if all of the characters have this type of relationship with the character in question, then jealousy is less likely to be triggered.

Prioritize damage dealers

There are a plethora of new enemy types that players must contend with in the twisted and corrupted lands of this desperate world. There are a number of enemy types designed to increase damage through combos or buffs that will rely on additional effects, like DoTs. It is wise to remove these enemies from the board as quickly as possible as their damage can get out of hand.

The Fanatic Whipper, Flayer, and Pit Fighter found in the Sprawl can cause special headaches with their ignition abilities and fire damage.

Check resistance to enemy lethal blows

Just to cause more trouble for players, a number of enemy types have acquired resistance to death blows, similar to the player’s hero characters. This means that when they reach zero health, they will have a percentage chance of resisting death, as shown on the enemy combat stats sheet. This can catch some players off guard and it is advisable to carefully consider each enemy type as these tougher enemies may require a different approach than the smaller base enemy types.

Apply a DoT on resilient enemies

DoT attack
DoT attack

One way to deal with enemies with large health pools and resistance to deadly blows is to use an attack with a DoT effect, such as the Plague Doctor’s Noxious Blast ability or Hellion’s If it Bleeds attack. Landing a death blow on a tough enemy with such an attack will have a chance to place a DoT effect that will activate on the enemy’s turn. This will essentially act as a gratuitous attack on an enemy on their turn and block their turn if they fail their kill resistance test.

Darkest Dungeon 2 is now available on PC.

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