Iran says ready to cooperate with Islamic states to develop nuclear technology


TEHRAN – The spokesperson for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) has said that Tehran is ready to cooperate with Muslim countries to develop nuclear technology for civilian use to promote the well-being of the Islamic Ummah.

“We are ready to cooperate with the countries of the Islamic world for the development of nuclear technology for the well-being of the Islamic people and societies, so that we can all pave the way for a new Islamic civilization,” Behrouz Kamalvandi said. as a group. guests attending the international conference of Islamic unity in Tehran on Saturday visited the Martyr Fakhrizadeh research reactor, the martyr Shahriari’s radiopharmaceutical production center as well as an exhibition of the latest achievements of the nuclear industry.

During the visit, guests learned about Iran’s scientific and research infrastructure, achievements and capabilities in the field of production of reactors and radiopharmaceuticals.

Iran hosted the annual meeting of Islamic unity on the anniversary of the birth of the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH). The conference took place October 19-24.

At the start of the visit, Kamalvandi said, “I am fully convinced that the convergence, integration and cohesion of the thinkers of Islamic lands under the banner of Islam will lead to the unity of the Muslim Ummah and the promotion Islamic nations against the wicked, the wicked and the arrogant. “

He said the Islamic Ummah was at a crucial historical turning point. On the one hand, said Kamalvandi, the extraordinary growth of various sciences and technologies has led to the well-being of nations and on the other hand, this technology, which is mainly in the hands of the wrong people, has led to monopoly, to the exploitation and colonization of fewer privileged nations by the arrogant.

“On the one hand, the establishment of international organizations has facilitated relations and more interactions among the nations of the world in order to solve problems and fill the gaps of various gaps. And on the other hand, these supposedly international organizations have become the toy in the hands of the arrogant and do everything possible to humiliate and restrict other nations, ”said Kamalvandi, who is AEOI’s deputy chief for international affairs. and legal.

He added: “In this tense atmosphere, the Islamic world, with its rebirth, is not only compelled to develop and progress by appealing to new knowledge and technologies, but also by promoting Islamic thought and a monotheistic attitude and by trusting God to pave his progress with an Islamic model based on verses and hadiths and relying on himself and not others, and this is the path that will ultimately lead to a new Islamic civilization. “

Referring to the unilateralism adopted by arrogant countries, the AEOI Deputy Chief said: “The Islamic world now has precious assets. These strengths are the result of the efforts of thinkers throughout history. are the structures and mechanisms of the new Islamic civilization and the explanation and delineation of how to achieve it in this ambiguous period and in the face of various tensions on the international scene. “

Regarding Iran’s great achievements in the field of nuclear technology, Kamalvandi said, “We have done our utmost here to reach the pinnacle of nuclear science and technology, and despite all the opposition and hostility on the international scene, in the nuclear industry, we have achieved great achievements. We have invested everything in the path of achieving these great achievements and we have dedicated our scientists, each of whom was a great man and a scholar, to the promotion of Islam and the Islamic Ummah. ”

Referring to the ability of Iranian scientists to conquer the heights of knowledge, Kamalvandi said: “Without a doubt, one of the pillars of the new Islamic civilization is science and technology, and this capital can be the factor of unity of the Islamic world and the Islamic world. land. Each of us is obligated to do our part and rely on our own resources to do this important thing and fulfill our Islamic duty by cooperating in this area. Fortunately, today Iran has reached the peaks of progress in all branches and disciplines of technology and the nuclear industry.

He added: “Thousands of experts are constantly working in the fields of uranium exploration and extraction up to the conversion, enrichment and production of nuclear fuel, nuclear power plants, radiopharmaceuticals, its application in industry and agriculture, lasers and quantum and fusion, etc. and put Iran in a relatively high position. “

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