Imminent start-up of 4.2 MW Quingshui geothermal power plant in Taiwan


Quingshui geothermal power plant, Taiwan (source: Shou-cheng Wang)

Taiwan’s first private commercial geothermal power plant, the 4.2 MW plant is expected to be commissioned at the end of September 2021.

Locally reported, the 4.2 MW Quingshui geothermal power plant is expected to receive its commercial operating license in the coming days. The plant is the first privately built geothermal power plant in Taiwan with potential for expansion in the future.

The Yilan geothermal area, where the plant is located, is considered the area with the greatest geothermal potential in Taiwan with local hot springs nearby.

State-owned Taiwan Power Co had built and operated a 3 MW geothermal power plant in the 1980s, but it was ultimately abandoned due to technical issues.

The developer of the new 4.2 MW plant is Fabulous Power Co with equipment from Ormat Technologies. The temperature of the reservoir is approximately 180 degrees Celsius at a depth of 1,200 to 2,100 meters.

The plant extracts water at temperatures of up to 180 degrees C from 1,200 m to 2,100 m underground and passes it through a heat exchanger to generate electricity, before the pump again into the ground.

In an interview last month, Fabulous Power Chairman Lin Bo-hsiu said the 4.2 MW generation capacity is just the start with additional development potential of 30 MW to 60 MW in the only region of Cingshuei.

In a statement, Yilan Country announced that “there are abundant geothermal natural resources in the Qingshui region of Yilan, which has significant development potential. In order to preserve and maintain the abundant geothermal resources of the Qingshui region and promote local industries and levels, the Yilan County government is actively seeking industrial development models consistent with local development to settle in order to boost the economic prosperity, promote tourism development in Quingshui Geothermal Park and increase employment opportunities.

In the future, educational resources will be integrated to establish Taiwan Geothermal Education Park, which will become an important indicator pilot base for Taiwan geothermal energy manufacturers.

In the future, Quingshui geothermal power plant will recruit technicians and technicians in Yilan and increase local employment opportunities with local talent. He hopes to attract young local technical talents to return and grow the local economy and develop local employment opportunities. At present, the power plant project has entered the final stages, and County Magistrate Lin Zimiao specially took the time to pay attention and understand this major project, and expects the team Construction is completing the project as planned.

The geothermal power plant is expected to be commissioned commercially at the end of September. It is a multifunctional area that combines power generation, recreation and education. The expected average hourly power generation capacity is approximately 3,150 kWh, which can provide electricity to approximately 10,000 small households. It is estimated that since the start of operation, the Yilan County government can collect around NT $ 2 million in operating royalties based on annual revenue from electricity sales, and a total of around NT $ 40 million. NT dollars can be collected for a total of 20 years of operation. .

Source: Taipei Times, Government of Yilan Country

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