How to romance Isaac in Boyfriend Dungeon


Here’s everything you need to know about continuing a relationship with Isaac, whether romantic or platonic.

Isaac in his human form and sword in Boyfriend Dungeon

Isaac Brooks is the well-behaved Estoc who introduces you to the dangerous world of dunj-ing in Friends dungeon. He’s suave and sophisticated, easily one of the cutest dating options in the entire game. As with all potential Boyfriend Dungeon partners, Isaac is dealing with something you can help him overcome and get closer. by doing so.

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Whether platonic or romantic, Isaac is a wonderful partner both in and out of the dungeon. If you’re interested in pulling it out, here’s a guide to help you out.

How to meet him

Isaac in his sword form on the first floor of the Mall Dunj in Boyfriend Dungeon

Lucky for you, Isaac is the first weapon found while digging deep into the Verona Mall. At level one it is located just through the first doors and educates you through the preliminaries of fighting your fears. After your first death (or usually after leaving the dungeon for the first time if you choose to take the elevator out) Isaac will congratulate you on a great first lesson, and once you have reached your first level of love, he will invite you at her office.

Choose platonic or romantic

The profile of Isaac Brook in Boyfriend Dungeon

As with all Boyfriend Dungeon gunmen, you can take a romantic or platonic path with Isaac. After your first “date” in his office, at the next romantic rank, Isaac will invite you to Mission San Drogo for further fencing lessons. He will ask you to parry differently; either take one of the parry options or choose to throw your weapon. The latter will initiate a platonic race, while the others will offer chances to flirt with him.

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Isaac’s values

One of the first dates with Isaac where he helps get in shape in Boyfriend Dungeon

Isaac is a well-mannered man who grew up with the best things in life – but still cares deeply for those around him. In conversations with him, be honest and flirtatious (if that’s your path) and he will respond to you in the same way. Make sure you read the situation carefully. Explosions and flirting at inappropriate times won’t bring you both closer.

The dates

Isaac in Boyfriend Dungeon final cut playing with Jesse at the beach

Site Remarks
His office (first visit) After your first lesson, Isaac will invite you to his office to continue the training. Once there, his father will interrupt you. Make sure you keep your cool and be as polite as possible if going on with things with Isaac romantically is part of your plan.
Mission San Drogo (first visit) After a few more dunj-ings, Isaac will continue fencing lessons with you at the nearby church. This will be an opportunity for you to get closer and
Slicr Party For your third date with Isaac, he will invite you to a party hosted by the gun dating app, Slicr. Go with him and help him get through his father’s rather crude outburst and Eric’s heinous slurs. Then Isaac will give you the blue flower, which will make the drinks more healed in the dungeon.
His office (second visit) You will continue with your fencing lessons, but Isaac is constantly distracted. Isaac will confess that his father betrayed him and took over Isaac’s business. In turn, comfort him and Isaac will offer to make a “home visit” later in the evening.
His office (third visit) Isaac will invite you into his office to support him as he confronts Vincent. Go help him scold his father.
Mission San Drogo (second visit) After supporting Isaac in his problems with his father, Isaac will invite you again to the Mission. There, he will confess his feelings once again and offer you a whetstone!

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Gift Guide

Loved gifts (+75) Loved gifts (+50) Refused gifts (+0)
A dozen red roses Bouquet of Daisies Blue lipstick
A succulent in a pot Concert tickets Bracelets
Ballet tickets Digital camera Dark eyeliner
Chocolate truffles Fine gold chain Lipstick
Fine bourbon Fried Mackerel
Fine leather gloves Glitter eyeshadow
Love letter Gourmet Cupcake
Marskye Cologne McQueen Perfume
Opera tickets Detective story
Racing game Pepperoni Pizza
Red rose Raspberry liqueur
Scotch Single Malt Silver ring
Sword cufflinks Sneakers
Travel Guide Teddy bear

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