How to enter the dungeon blocked by trees in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

You may have encountered him in the Overworld. In case you haven’t, there’s a dungeon that can’t be accessed right away. This pair of silver and gold doors calls out to you from behind a group of trees near the Weepwild Dankness. Of course, there is no easy way out; where is he? You might be surprised how easily you can get through these trees and reach the treasure that awaits you on the other side. This is how you enter the tree-blocked dungeon in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Screenshot by Gamepur

First, you will come across this dungeon after completing the Brighthoof section of the campaign. Then, if you follow the path you’re supposed to take for the campaign, you’ll find the dungeon near the entrance to Shattergrave Barrow. You will also find the Sanctuary of Zoomios nearby. If you try to find all the rooms in the shrine, you can find one inside the dungeon.

To enter the dungeon you will have to wait until you are completely done with the Brighthoof area and have obtained the Sword of Souls. Then you will get a quest called Thy Bard, With a Vengeance. During this quest, you will be asked to go to the Weeping Dankness. Travel to this new place and you’ll see that it’s a little brighter and more cheerful than its name suggests. The NPCs will quickly point it out and Tina will change it. After the change, if you go back to the Overworld, you will see that the trees in front of the dungeon are gone. Now you can access it and get your Shrine Piece.

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