How Elder Scrolls 6 Could Evolve Skyrim’s Traps

Dungeon traps in Skyrim were easy to avoid and most did little damage. Bethesda could change them in The Elder Scrolls 6 and make them difficult.

Elder Scrolls 6 is sure to innovate on many elements of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and one of them could be dungeon traps. Skyrim is one of the best open-world games to date, and many of the ideas presented in it would already work brilliantly in a new game. SkyrimThe anniversary edition of ‘s only increased the hype for Elder Scrolls 6, thinking about what a real new generation is Old scrolls title might sound like exciting fans ready to start a new adventure in the series.

However, there is an area of Skyrim which requires a drastic improvement, even a complete overhaul. As you explore the ruins and dungeons of Skyrim is funny, the traps that lie in wait are usually unimpressive. Aside from a few unique moments, these are mostly the same sort of traps from dungeon to dungeon, with only a few occasional magic glyphs to rock the system. In a game that is supposed to focus heavily on exploring dangerous ruins, the fact that one of the elements of dungeon exploration is somewhat poor is disappointing. With the Elder Scrolls 6 in mind, there are clear changes that need to be made to the pitfalls of its predecessor.


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On the one hand, the traps of Skyrim need an expansion in terms of variety. While awesome the first few times, the same jets of fire and the same swinging blades can age very quickly, and the same traps over and over again can make Skyrim feel like a board game with meetings chosen from a book. For example, a lock could be rigged to burn the hands of thieves who would try to pick it up without disabling the trap first. Other ideas could include a trap door that forces the player to walk through a perilous underground path when tripped, or false doors that lead nowhere or even hide other traps behind them. Traps like these could easily be used to add a sense of danger.

New traps can make Elder Scrolls 6 dungeons more exciting

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Elder Scrolls 6 could also benefit from unique traps, specific to certain dungeons. For example, the grave of a great warrior might have a statue of the buried man swinging his sword; a Dwemer ruin might have a massive mask mounted on the wall that exudes searing vapor. Perhaps the Age of Ruins may have affected some traps, with a rusty blade dealing poison damage or having broken. Skyrimdungeons and Dwemer ruins would have had more character with more unique trap setups, and Elder Scrolls 6 would keep dungeon crawling fun and exciting if it implemented similar changes.

Elder Scrolls 6 could also benefit from more elaborate designs for the traps. An entire dungeon could be built around a large trap mechanism, deactivating it piece by piece as the player makes their way through. More puzzles could be tied to traps, making it more urgent to find the solution. When traps are built in a dungeon in a specific way, they feel more organic, rather than an arbitrarily placed obstacle. A trap perfectly integrated into the design of the level looks like a natural part of a Old scrolls dungeon, and would have greatly benefited areas like Blackreach in Skyrim. Considering that they must have been made there for a purpose, that is how they should feel.

Elder Scrolls 6 has the potential to create the best dungeons the series has seen to date. Of all the elements that dungeons need to be successful, traps can be the easiest to forget, and Bethseda can’t let them slip through the cracks. Hope that once Elder Scrolls 6 released, it will set a new standard for exciting and dangerous dungeons to explore in games.

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