Guide to the best weapon locations in Stardew Valley

Many of the best items that can be made in Valley of stars require materials from mines, but the monsters inside can make it difficult to collect them. The Standard Mine that is north of Pelican Town can take a while to empty, but luckily it registers player progress every five floors. However, those looking for a better and rarer material will need to explore the Desert Skull Cavern, which is much more difficult to clear.

Due to its size and the dangerous creatures that reside there, players will need to be prepared to enter. This includes having the best weapons, which will make survival in Skull Cavern much more manageable. These endgame weapons can be difficult to obtain, but they are well worth it for the perks they offer.

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Master slingshot

Valley of starsbest ranged weapon, the Master Slingshot is relatively easy to find. As players dig deeper into the town’s mines, they will find treasure the first time they get to every tenth floor (except the 30th floor). Floor 70 contains a chest which, when opened, will give players the Master Slingshot.

Considering its potency, it’s surprising how early this weapon can be found in the game. However, the downside is that it requires ammo to be used. Using standard stones as ammo will only provide between 3 and 11 damage per shot, which is only useful at the start of the game. Still, the Master Slingshot is worth keeping, as better types of ammo deal more damage, with Iridium Ore dealing 25-101 damage per shot. Despite the high cost, the advantage of being able to take out enemies from a distance provides a better advantage than most weapons in the game.

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infinity blade

The Infinity Blade is the most powerful sword, and it can be crafted using the Forge found at level 10 of the Volcano Dungeon. You can access it by unlocking Ginger Island after repairing Willy’s boat. As with all Infinity weapons, these must be crafted from the Galaxy versions. The Galactic Sword can be obtained by wearing a Prismatic Shard on the tile in the center of the Three Pillars of the Calico Desert. The shard will be consumed, but players will be rewarded with the Galaxy Sword in return. Although this method cannot be repeated, once done, players can purchase another sword from the Adventurer’s Guild Store for 50,000g.

In addition to the Galaxy Sword, crafting the Infinity Blade requires 60 Ash Shards and three Galaxy Souls. Ash Shards can be obtained by mining in the Volcano Dungeon. As for the Galaxy Shards, they are more difficult to find, as they have to be purchased for 40 Qi Gems in the Walnut Room on the island. Qi Gems are a special currency that can only be obtained by completing tasks for the mysterious Mr. Qi.

While the Infinity Blade takes a fair bit of work to obtain, it will take out most enemies with ease. The sword deals between 80 and 100 damage per hit, while giving the player +4 speed and +2 defense.

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Infinity dagger

Like the Infinity Blade, the Infinity Dagger is the best dagger available in Valley of stars, and its manufacture requires a Galaxy weapon. After obtaining the Galaxy Sword for the first time, the Galaxy Dagger becomes available for purchase from the Adventurers Guild for 35,000g. From there, players can craft the Infinity Dagger at the Forge with three Galaxy Souls and 60 Cinder Shards.

As a dagger, this weapon is not as powerful as the Infinity Blade. However, its higher attack speed means the amount of damage per second equals. The Infinity Dagger deals 50 to 70 damage with each hit. It also grants the wearer +1 speed, +3 defense, +4 critical chance, and +5 knockback.

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Infinity hammer

The Infinity Gavel is the most damaging melee weapon found in Valley of stars, and it comes at the highest price. Again, the Infinity Gavel requires a Galaxy weapon, this time a Galaxy Hammer. This can be purchased from the Adventurers Guild after unlocking the Galaxy Sword for 75,000g. Like previous Infinity weapons, the Galaxy Hammer must then be combined with three Galaxy Souls and 60 Cinder Shards.

The price tag to get the Infinity Gavel is well worth it, as no melee weapon can do better. The Gavel provides devastating damage from 100 to 120 per hit, and it can also swing fast with the +2 speed bonus, +1 defense, and +5 knockback it grants to the player wearing it.

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